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We are in a dead age where people are more passionate about “doing ministry” than “living a life that pleases God” but God is much more concerned about our personal walk with Him than our ministries. This is because the success of your ministry or divine assignment on earth is proportional to the kind of life you are living before God. Your life (or lifestyle) is what determines the level of IMPACT your ministry or calling would have on earth and on people, if your personal life is full of love, obedience, holiness, purity and righteousness, Then your ministry would radiate a kind of POWER and INFLUENCE that would be felt by everyone. You would create an impact that would remain forever, and people wouldn’t forget you even after you have died. People are looking for ministry gifts such as: healings, Miracles, visions, revelations, deliverance, prophecy, Tongues etc but God is looking for men and women who have the kind of LIFE He can use…God is more concerned about the vessel than the works or the abilities the vessel can do.

WHY must your life comes before your ministry?, 1) God wants to live in you and control your gifts, callings and ministries. And if your life is not pure and holy, how would God reside in you!

2) Your calling is an “holy calling” and it demands for a right kind of life for it to be fulfilled.

3) Your lifestyle would either sanctifies or pollute your ministry. If you have a wrong lifestyle, no matter how anointed you are, your ministry won’t go far, demons would take over and both you and your calling would be destroyed. For instance, if you have a HEALING MINISTRY and you are so full of fornication / adultery and pride, you are likely to die young (through a deadly disease).

4) The Angels of God that would work with your ministry are not in agreement with sinful lifestyle. So, your wrong lifestyle would either chase away the angels or make them do things that would destroy you.

5) Your ministry would be so powerful and glorious when the people see that you are practicing and doing the same Truth you preach Or that you minister to them out of the wealths of your personal experience with God. Sometimes, it is dangerous to receive a ministration coming from a wrong life! This is because you might be opening up your spirit to demons.

THE LORD TOLD ME SOMETIME AGO SAYING “I DON’T CARE IF I HAVE TO PREPARE A VESSEL FOR 10 YEARS AND ONLY USE HIM FOR ONE YEAR”, THIS IMPLIES THAT, WHAT GOD CAN DO WITH A RIGHT VESSEL IS MUCH MORE GREATER THAN WHAT A WRONG VESSEL WILL DO!! Your ministry can have fame, money, international connections and influence, and crowds but if it had lost connection with God – It is already dead. Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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