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I SAW IN A VISION recently, an angel was weighing something that looks like a “small rock” on a scale, and I asked the angel “what’s the meaning of this?”, He replied and said “this rock represent a problem we recently removed from the life of a believer and we are taking record of it”. I was so surprised that I said “Why do you have to take record of every miracle God does for His people?”, He said “We do this mainly for the purpose of judgment”. Now, he began to explain to me that on the judgment day, all the miracles and signs and wonders and blessings that we have enjoyed from God will testify against us if we eventually did not make it to heaven.

When I heard this, I began to wonder at the Righteousness and Justice of God, I also saw in the Scriptures somewhere where Jesus began to place curses (Woes) on certain cities where He had preached and worked many mighty miracles but the people still failed to repent and please God (Matt. 11:20-24), you see, on the judgement day, some people will regret that they received miracles from God because those miracles will cry against them for terrible wrath from God. The main reason why God does miracles is to show us how much He love and care for us and to call us unto a close walk with Him, and He wants us to respond positively to this love, however, the painful thing is that many of us today respond negatively to God’s love and we take His miracles and wonders for granted.

Some of us so much belittle what God is doing in our lives such that we don’t even thank God for them, the fact that God has not yet done the particular thing we want Him to do made us to forget and look down on the ones He had already done. Bible taught us to count our blessings and thank God for them but many times we do think that most of the blessings we receive from God came because we did something to EARN them, however I found out by revelation that most miracles happen through mercy and not through merit. Also, you need to know that God’s Power is not limited, in fact, God can do millions of miracles within seconds and keep doing the same every day but God is a God of Righteousness and Justice who will reward every man according to their works—So, we seriously need to fear God and obey God’s commandments, and not just see Him as a generous Father Christmas who has no purpose for His actions.

WE ARE IN A DEAD AGE WHERE EVERYBODY IS LOOKING FOR WHAT THEY CAN RECEIVE FROM JESUS WHILE THEY ARE NOT READY TO PLEASE JESUS!! ALSO, MANY OF US HAVE BECOME SO UNTHANKFUL AND UNGRATEFUL SUCH THAT WE EASILY LOSE FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD BECAUSE HE DOESN’T SATISFY OUR CARNAL DESIRES!!! There’s nothing as rewarding and fulfilling as having God and His presence, let us stop seeking for only the things that come out of the hands of God—Let us seek His face always and please Him!!!! Amen.

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