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About Apostolic Wonders Ministries Int'l
Apostolic Wonders Ministries International is a divinely established revival movement birthed out of a great burden to see souls get saved, sinners come to repentance, the Power of God sweep across the churches worldwide, Christians get awakened to their callings and trained to fulfill them, and to see the Glory of God fill the whole earth.
We prophetically position ourselves to discern and understand what God is saying and doing in these last days, we receive the divine message, run with it and declare it to the nations. And God continues to confirm His Word with signs and wonders following.

Vision Statement

To see the Glory of God fill the whole earth and generate an atmosphere where the will of God is done on earth as it is in heaven.

Mission Statement

MEDIA REVIVAL: We shall strategically invade the media world with the light of the gospel and the Truth of God’s Word, and this includes but not limited to: Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc), Print media (Magazines, Newspapers, newsletters, articles and books), TV broadcasts, Radio broadcasts and Telephone networks.
MUSIC REVIVAL:  We shall harvest songs and create new songs through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that are powerful enough to bring down God’s glory upon the earth and lead the people of God into God’s presence.
OUTREACH MINISTRIES: We shall strategically reach out to villages, towns and cities of the world with the gospel of Christ and Revival Fire through personal evangelism, crusades and tent meetings.
DISCIPLESHIP AND TRAINING: We shall use the weapon of Teaching to train, correct, instruct, equip and edify believers until they come to the fullness of the stature of Christ, discover their callings and giftings, and become fully prepared to carry out their God given assignments.
About The Founder

AANUOLUWAPO ALEBIOSU EMMANUEL, an Apostle and Missionary raised by God in these last days to bring order and revival to the Body of Christ, he had published several teaching articles online which attracted comments from people around the world to be life changing, treasurable and so edifying.
Hundreds of souls have received Salvation and Restoration through reading his articles and listening to his messages and prayer sessions, God had also wrought many miracles through him while he ministered under the anointing both online and offline. He leads an interdenominational ministry called Apostolic Wonders Ministries International.

He holds a certificate in Theology from International Bible Training College (IBTC). He was trained as a Nurse but left his Nursing job to serve God full-time since 2014. He had been invited to speak on several platforms both locally and internationally, leaving many testimonies behind.