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Do you know that a man can carry a mighty and sophisticated weapon in his hand and still lose to a man who carries no weapon?! We’ve heard of men who were so gripped by the fear of the enemy such that they began to shake and shiver in front of the enemy till the weapons in their hands fell off and they lost to the enemy. So, I discovered that the greatest weapon of destruction is not the sophisticated guns and bullets but FEAR. If you surrender to the fear your enemy commands, you are more likely to lose in the fight

The problem is not the serpents and scorpions, the problem is not the lion, the problem is not the sicknesses and diseases, the problem is not the principalities and powers and demons, the problem is not the strength of sin, evils and wickedness prevailing in our generation…The problem is that we have surrendered to the fear that these things command

I saw that Christians of today have been given great and mighty weapons such that even Satan knows the magnitude of the weapons God has given to us and he knows he is of no match with those weapons but we are like those soldiers who were armed with great weapons but began to tremble before the enemy in fear till we lost completely to the enemy

The Lord began to speak to me few hours ago, He said Christians must learn wisdom, skill and boldness to be able to make use of all the Power, Grace, Authority, Dominion and Victory He has given to us already. He said we are the ones who should be commanding great fear upon our enemies, the enemy and the world should be afraid of us and not the other way around

I remember when I was dealing with a sin addiction, at a point, I found out that what made me remain in slavery to the sin was the “fear of the sin” because everytime the urge of the sin rises from within me, I began to have fear that I am going to fall into the sin again. But the moment I began to attack the fear that comes with the sin, I discovered that the sin and its urge was already too weak against me

Hebrews 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

The Adamic nature that everyone of us were born with is a nature so full of fear, also, I discovered that this energy of fear has saturated everything in the world. I noticed that as I began to break the hold of fear upon my life, even the physical things around me began to get delivered (I saw it with eyes of my spirit). This shows that it would be difficult for the enemy to turn your environment against you if you have displaced fear through faith and spiritual warfare.

Lastly, the reason why some many prayers were not answered was because of the fear of “what if nothing happen as I pray or after I pray”, if you can take away this particular fear, I can assure you that you will not only witness many miracles in your life, God will also be using you to work miracles in people’s lives.
Everything God created, both visible and invisible have ears and can hear, if you take away fear, your faith is going to be speaking directly to things and they will listen to you and obey you

I’m going to stop here. May you be wise at this time. Amen


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