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A few days ago, I was walking down a street and saw a billboard in front of a church and on it was written “DESTROYING EVIL PATTERNS”, apparently, the church was planning on hosting a prayer conference with that theme. But immediately after I had read those words, the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart saying “Without genuine repentance, evil patterns cannot be destroyed”, I saw a generation of Christians who want the flow of certain evils or problems in their lives to stop but they are not willing to change their ways of life.

Maybe you have noticed that your entire life is being governed by certain evil patterns such as: Failures at the edge of breakthrough or success, you keep moving in circles without any significant progress, you keep falling after you have risen to a certain height or while trying to cross a certain limit, or the same evil prevailing over your parents and siblings and family members is happening to you, etc. I want you to study your lifestyle and begin to consider everything you are doing that does not align with God’s word and God’s will and begin to repent in everything. This is because there’s no amount of prayers and fastings and anointings from men of God that will stop the evil patterns until you have genuinely repented. In fact, if you happen to experience some miracles, you will still eventually lost the miracle or encounter higher problem and fall back to square one

John 5:14 Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.

This is an example, let’s say you are trusting God for a marital breakthrough because women in your family don’t get married and those who have kids are single mothers and you are still bound by sexual sins such as fornication, pornography, masturbation, dating, etc, It is sure that you won’t have marital breakthrough. Sexual sin strengthens the pattern of marital failure, therefore, failure to stop committing sexual sins means that evil pattern can’t be broken, the same thing applies to the pattern of divorce and remarriage.

I saw that Satan has strategically uprooted the gospel of repentance from many churches and ministries today, and a lot of preachers have been deceived to make people feel comfortable in sin, the church is filled with people who love themselves than God, people who are about getting what they want from God and not doing what God wants, and that is witchcraft. Don’t you know that every problem people suffer in this world are connected to sins?, and By sins, I mean both things you are doing that God wants you to stop doing and things you are not doing that God wants you to start doing.

In conclusion, we are meant to be repenting every day, the more you get closer to God, the more you will have to repent because there’s so much misalignments in your human nature that disapproves it from agreeing with God’s nature, this is why the light of God’s presence will keep exposing every darkness in you that you must get rid of as you draw closer to God. However, today, a lot of Christians have lost good conscience, the more God corrects them, the more they refuse to repent and heed to correction, their hearts have been hardened against God.

Stop blaming witches and wizards and demons and forces of darkness and generational curses for your troubles if you have not yet genuinely repented. May the Lord help you to be wise. Amen

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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