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I had mentioned in my previous post that you are much likely to see angelic manifestations when you get involved in the same things angels do. Today, we would be looking at “creating spiritual atmospheres” as another way through which you are likely to see angels in action. The Lord revealed to me that just as demons and witches have clouds or networks under which they operate, God’s angels also have a special atmosphere under which they operate – such that whenever you see an angel, you must see him under that atmosphere or glory.

Just as it is impossible for you to make a call or receive a call in an area where there’s no telecommunication network coverage, so also it is impossible for angels to operate in an atmosphere that is not spiritual or divine! If we don’t create spiritual atmospheres in our church meetings or prayer programmes, we won’t see angels manifest and if angels can’t manifest, then God is not in such gatherings (because God is the Lord of hosts, He moves together with His angels). The question now is: how do we create a spiritual atmosphere?, the answer is simple, Bible says God is Spirit and they that worship Him must do it in spirit and in truth…If in your church, you have not learnt how to worship in the Spirit, then you can never see angels in operation (so many churches today are full of carnality and worldliness, they dwell more in the flesh than in the Spirit).

Secondly, To create an atmosphere for angels is to create an atmosphere of Praise, Bible confirms that God inhabits the praises of his people and God cannot come down alone, He would descend with His angels. If we truly praise God in the spirit and with a true heart, we can’t miss His divine visitation. A man of God said he praised God to an extent that he literally saw angels moving about in his room in their glories.
Another atmosphere for angelic manifestation is “the atmosphere of holiness”, If sin is so prevalent in a church, you won’t see angels work there (because angels naturally hate sins). So, I do wonder when some churches that are so full of sins and all types of immoralities claimed that they saw angels, I believe they didn’t see angels but demons, this is because true angels don’t feel at home at where there’s pollution, darkness and seductions! Other atmospheres you can create includes: Atmosphere of faith (this is when there’s no more doubts and fears in your heart, and you trust in no one else except God), Atmosphere of prayer (some angels are waiting for you to pray before they act, if you don’t pray, they won’t act), Atmosphere of meditation and Bible study (Angels in charge of revelations are waiting for you to meditate and study), Atmosphere of unity, Atmosphere of love, Atmosphere of peace…etc.

I TOLD GOD THAT “LORD I WANT YOU TO BE SO REAL IN THE EARTH SUCH THAT PEOPLE WILL GET TO KNOW YOU, FEEL YOU AND TOUCH YOU”, THEN THE LORD SAID “LET THEM CREATE ROOM FOR ME, AND I WILL COME IN AND MANIFEST MYSELF”! Do we have any room for Jesus and His hosts?!! Angels operate freely and easily in their own world but if we want them in our world, we must create the divine atmosphere!!! Amen.


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