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Well, first of all, we probably wouldn’t die from suffocation since most of us can hold our breath for 10 seconds. But there would be other more or less serious consequences:

• The ozone layer would disappear, exposing us to UV rays for 10 seconds.

• Internal combustion engines would stop functioning.

• Planes about to take off would crash, while those already in the air would glide.

• All buildings would turn to dust instantly (oxygen is a major component of concrete).

• Everyone would experience inner ear damage because the sudden drop in atmospheric pressure by 21% would cause dysfunction in the Eustachian tube.

• Seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers… All the water would vanish instantly, leaving only hydrogen, which would “float” upwards and never return, being the lightest element.

Since the Earth’s surface and mantle are composed of 45% oxygen, We would all be in freefall from a great height. But don’t worry; we wouldn’t see or feel anything since we are composed of 60% oxygen. There is oxygen in all our cells, in our DNA… and suddenly, poof! We would turn into a kind of ash. So, it only takes the disappearance of an essential element for 10 seconds (or even less) to annihilate life on Earth.

This is why you should be thankful to God and why you should fear God always!

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