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There have been a global confusion among the Christian community as regards the Covid—19 vaccine, some believers consider the vaccine to be “The mark of the beast” and others are asking “If it’s not the mark of the beast, Can we take the shot?, Should we get vaccinated?”. I will try as much as possible to share the Revelation God gave me regarding these issues in a very detailed way and trusting God to deliver you from the confusion and set you on the right path to follow in these last days

The first thing the Lord told me while I began to seek Him for answers pertaining to the present Antichrist agenda (note that the Corona virus, the vaccine and all that goes with them are a well structured Antichrist agenda) was “This is not yet the time of the Beast and everything the Antichrist kingdom is doing presently shall not succeed”. The Lord made me see that we have not yet entered into the timeline where the Antichrist would prevail over the Church (the saints) and the whole world

Meaning that, this is not the time where the Antichrist prevailed, this is the time where the Church and the people on earth prevailed against him. Though it might currently look as if the virus and the vaccine is globally prevailing but the Lord said they shall not prevail, the Lord said He shall step in suddenly to frustrate and stop everything. Therefore, anybody (whether believers or unbelievers) that stands up to resist the compulsory vaccination of the world population shall receive a strong backing from heaven and such groups of people shall win. Also, note that the Antichrist enemy or target are not only Christians, there are also many groups of people who are not in support of the Antichrist agenda, this is because the Antichrist cannot succeed unless he abolishes the FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS of people. Therefore, the Antichrist currently have many enemies and more resistant groups will rise to stop him

Now, What exactly is the Mark of the Beast?

The Lord told me that the mark of the beast is “more than a mark” and that it’s more spiritual than physical. He said that the microchip implant and the vaccine points toward the mark but they are not THE MARK. The mark of the beast shall grow from the inside of people to the outside, it’s not something that can be achieved only by introducing something into people’s bodies. Note that the vaccination and microchip implants are definitely part of the plan but they are just a tiny pieces of a big puzzle, and that is why the Lord said they are not yet the mark of the beast, however, after the other parts of the puzzle are completed, they would automatically become the mark of the beast. So, don’t allow any vaccine or chip enter into your body

The Lord said the mark of the beast shall be introduced at a time where “it would be people begging to receive it” and not people being forced to receive it. The Lord took me to Revelation 13 and show me that a great evil shall rise out of the Sea, He said “This is the PLAN B, the Corona virus strategy is the plan A”, He said a time is coming when some tiny creatures shall arise from the Sea and they shall carry within them “the blood of the Beast” and anyone stung or bitten by these creatures shall die within 24 hours if a so called “Vaccine or Cure” is not being given to them and as many that would take that cure would become corrupted or altered in their souls such that they would become fully under the control of the Antichrist, those people would have no will of their own anymore

What will happen to those that have been vaccinated already? Will they not enter the kingdom of God?


Know that anyone who has received the vaccine is not yet doomed, they can be healed or I should say they will be healed, because the purpose of the vaccination shall fail. So, I hope those who have currently been vaccinated repent and accept Jesus’ government and allow Jesus change them

But the truth is, if we lack the willpower to resist the vaccine, then I doubt if we will have the same willpower to resist the sins, temptations, trials and tribulations that are meant to take us to Hell. It is the same weakness that made us yield to the vaccine that will make us yield to other darkness. So, this is the time to be revived or we won’t survive!

This is time for the Church to rise and do spiritual warfare and also PROTEST against devaluation of human rights, this is not the time to become so timid and scientific (don’t reason along with Science at this point, the Scientists have now turned into our enemies). Also, this is not the time to be expecting the Rapture, this is the time to fight and win against the Antichrist

Now, let me return back to sharing the Revelation

The Lord showed me that the Antichrist is after “taking over” the same thing He is after in people, and that is the HUMAN SOULS. The Antichrist wants to destroy that part in human souls that makes them decide what they want for themselves, yes, the part that makes men choose what they want and reject what they don’t want, and if this part of human soul is destroyed or damaged, then God can no longer be able to save humanity, and this is when a man is doomed forever beyond redemption. Salvation is possible because humans still have their choice power intact, if that choice power is dead in their souls, then Salvation will become impossible

By “Taking over” your soul doesn’t mean you will become like a robot, you will still be able to think and take actions but it would always be channeled towards darkness, sin, self righteousness, greed, self centeredness, witchcraft, worldliness, unrighteousness and everything that is against God and His Kingdom. You will not be able to live a pure and holy life, it would be too impossible.

So, the mark of the beast has a lot to do with SOUL CORRUPTION and SOUL TRANSFORMATION than it has to do with a “physical mark”. People will not be forced to take the mark of the beast, people will willingly go to receive the mark because something has already happened to their souls says the Lord. Another strange disease or virus is coming at a future time and another vaccine or cure would appear at that time and anyone who accepts the cure (because they are afraid of dying) shall have their souls deformed permanently and these are the people who will willingly go and get the mark thereafter. However, in those days, the saints shall not die by the disease and they shall not take the cure and the Antichrist shall fight them and would win (because God will allow him to win) and when it’s almost difficult for Christians to remain pure in their souls, this is when Jesus would appear in the sky to receive the saints, that is when Rapture would take place

In conclusion, the mission of Satan and the Antichrist is to permanently KICK GOD OUT of the earth and the world, and the devil have the understanding that physical buildings are not the “temple of God”, he knows that human beings are God’s temple, he knows that God dwells in our spirits, souls and bodies. His plan is to take God out of the earth by turning humans against God or by turning us into abominations such that God can’t dwell in us anymore and if God can’t dwell in us (because He can’t have His way in us), then God can’t dwell in the world again, and that means the world and everything in it shall henceforth be destroyed and wasted.

God knows when a soul cannot be saved or redeemed anymore, God is not deceived, the One who created the souls knows when its already beyond redemption. And that is why the Spirit of God is warning you now to come out of your darkness and embrace the Light fully, stop joking with your relationship with God, stop being an hypocrite. Find God now when He is near.

I will still do a part two of this teaching, I need to explain the practical meaning of 666.
May the Lord help this generation to be wise! Amen


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