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The only place the Bible talks about tongues of angels is in 1 Corinthians 13:1 and it was where Paul the Apostle was comparing “spiritual gifts” with “having the love of God or charity”, This implies that “tongues of angels” has a lot to do with spiritual gifts especially the gift of divers kind of tongues. Now, what the Bible means by tongues of angels does not only involve the LANGUAGE spoken by angels, it also includes: 1) the language you can use to relate with angels 2) the language you can use to command angels or send them on an errand and 3) the language that you can use to invite angels into a situation.

When you have the gift of divers kind of tongues, you can speak both the “tongues of men” and “tongues of angels” through the influence of the Holy Spirit. For instance, you can find yourself speaking Chinese language whereas you had never learnt Chinese before – That is an example of speaking “tongues of men” supernaturally. In the same vein, you can find yourself speaking tongues of angels through the inspiration and influence of the Holy Spirit. Now, why does angels decide to share their tongues with human beings (especially Christians)?, It is because they want to get involved in our businesses and situations, they want to be involved in our callings and ministries, they want to ride on your prayers and do wonders as you pray in tongues, they want to lead you to prophesying, Visions and working of miracles…So, when you speak with the tongues of angels, you are connecting to the Angelic realm, and in that realm, there’s nothing called impossible, anything can happen (because there’s an unending flow of God’s Power) in that realm.

I know of men of God that are walking in this realm, the moment they begin to speak in tongues of angels, there would be an explosion of Power and great signs and wonders would begin to happen among the people. One thing I know about angels is that, they are older than the earth and human beings, they were there when God was creating everything that is now existing, they know the depths of the mysteries of what is binding everything together… So, there’s nothing God cannot use them to do in the earth! If you can speak the tongues of angels, then you can change the world.

IF YOU SAY YOU HAVE THE GRACE TO SPEAK IN UNKNOWN TONGUES, THAT’S GREAT AND I THANK GOD FOR YOUR LIFE…BUT HOW I WISH YOU WOULD HAVE THE GRACE TO SPEAK IN THE TONGUES OF ANGELS!! Do you want to see undeniable miracles happening around you?, then start speaking in tongues of angels!!! Amen.


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