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One of the reasons why the Lord set the prophetic ministry in the Church is to help people discover and fulfill their divine destinies. By prophetic ministry, I mean the ministries of prophets and prophetesses, prophetic gifts such as: Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Discerning of spirits, Word of knowledge, Word of wisdom, Weapons of spiritual warfare, etc. and prophetic voices or writers. The prophetic ministry is one of the ministries that is so peculiar to what God wants to do in these last days and that is why the kingdom of darkness has been seriously attacking this ministry by polluting it, controlling it and raising up false prophets (or turning the real prophets into false prophets). The prophetic ministry is such a ministry that is so close and open to several dimensions of the Spiritual Realm and this is why it is so easy for God to use prophets to set people on the right paths for their destinies.

There are several people in the Scriptures who God mentioned their names through his prophets and gave details of how He is going to use them…Likewise, God can mention your name and state many things He would do with your life here on earth through his prophets, therefore, let us not despise the prophetic ministry, let us embrace it and allow it in the churches. You don’t need to go about asking “prophets” to “prophesy you”, all you need is to get connected to a genuine prophetic ministry and ask God to use the ministry to help you discover and get established on the paths of your destiny. Many times, people tell me that my posts are actually answers to what they have been asking God to show them, meaning that God knows how to answer your secret prayers by sending His prophets to you or connecting you to a prophetic ministry where you will find the answers. You need to also know that your human spirit is like a “gate of heaven” if properly awakened and trained, you as a person can be your own prophet, God can give dreams and visions to His angels to come down and put them into your spirit such that whenever you sleep or pray in the Spirit, these visions will come up to your eyes and mind.

The prophetic ministry does not only reveal the paths of destiny, it can also tell if you as a person are still walking in the path God has placed you or not, it can as well EXPOSE those things that has been hindering you from fulfilling your destiny or becoming what God would have you to become. Sometimes when I take a deep look at several prophetic ministries we have nowadays, I began to wonder if these prophets actually care about the callings and destinies of the people following them, this is because they don’t train the people on how to develop a strong relationship with the Lord so that God can speak with the people personally, they don’t even care whether the people are born again or not, they don’t train the people to become warriors in the realm of the Spirit such that they can wage war against the powers of darkness and win, and even most of their prophecies or prophesyings are more focused on physical things than the things of the Kingdom. You see, one of the most terrible things that could ever happen to you is to be misled from the path of your destiny, I have seen people who suffered for more than twenty years because they chose to follow a path that God has not sent them, and by the time they went back to God, God told them that they had already wasted many years of their lives because He never sent them on the journey they embarked upon. There are some aspects of life that are so central to destiny and you are not supposed to just make a selfish or foolish decision at those crossroads—They include: Marriage, Education, Career, Calling or Ministry, The place or places you live, Place and places you go, People you partner with, Number of kids you should have, How you use your time and How you use your body. If you fail in these areas I just mentioned, you might not fulfill your destiny at all or you might not fulfill it before you die.

THE WHOLE WORLD WILL DEFINITELY BE A BETTER PLACE IF EVERYBODY IS RELEASED AND EQUIPPED TO FULFILL THEIR GOD GIVEN DESTINIES…IF WE CLAIM WE SEE IN THE SPIRIT, WHAT ARE WE REALLY SEEING?…God is now raising a mighty army for His Kingdom sake and I wonder what the current prophetic ministries are doing to prepare them!!! How we need destiny minded prophets!!!! Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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