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I want to share with you a revelation I got from the Lord last night regarding the move of God

The Lord spoke to me and said “Stop looking for the move of God, the move of God is not on the outside but on the inside”, He looked at me and said “You are the move of God”. It took me some time to process what He meant by those words, and as I was thinking on it, He began to show me certain places in the Scriptures that backs up what He said. He told me that because the move of God is inside people, therefore, when God moves, people will move as well

Before now, I see the move of God as something external, that is, I believe God starts moving when we see mighty miracles happening everywhere we preach, teach and pray, and I believed that if we pray and no miracle happens, then God has not start moving yet. But the Lord said that is wrong, He said when God moves in you and through you, that is when the Glory of God appears in the physical realm, meaning that God doesn’t move without people, He moves within people to reveal His Glory and Greatness

So, we should stop waiting for God when God is actually waiting for us

He gave me an example of how He called Moses and gave him an assignment to release the people of Israel from captivity, He said Moses had been walking about with this staff in his hand all the time but he didn’t know what the staff was capable of until God told him to drop down the staff and the staff became serpent, He said “God didn’t show him a serpent and asked him to pick it up to become a staff, God used what was already in his hand to reveal His greatness to him”, this implies that God moved from within Moses to the outside realm and not the other way around. Yes, Moses first saw the burning bush but God did that just to gain his attention, the real move of God began when Moses began to see himself as a supernatural and extraordinary person

Therefore, the move of God is not going to be based on “Trial-and-error”, it’s not an experiment where we test many things to see which one will work, it’s something that is first of all real inside of us before it happens on the outside. So, when Moses stood before pharaoh to perform a miracle, he had no doubt whether his staff would change into serpent or not, he already knew that he carries a staff that had the ability to transform into serpent. The move of God is not producing results that has not yet happened to you or in you

Then I asked Him saying “How do I know when God is moving in me to do something?”, He said it’s simple, He showed me that there’s God in everything He created, He said “the works of God on the outside of you will call for the God on the inside of you, and when the move of God on the inside of you meets with the Cry in people’s lives, then miracles happen and the Glory of God is birthed”

Meaning that, there’s God in the hearts of sinners calling out for someone who will come to preach the gospel of repentance and salvation to them, but we sit down at home and fail to go out to preach and we say God is not moving! God is already moving, we are the ones who is not moving. The work of the Holy Spirit in us is to move us to do works that God is already doing in people’s lives and communities and situations…Jesus said He does whatsoever He sees God doing, this does not only mean whatsoever He saw God doing in heaven, it also includes what God is doing here on earth inside people. So, we are meant to carry the God on the inside of us to places and people God has already stirred up to receive the God in us

Then the Lord gave me another example of how a crippled man got healed instantly during Apostle Paul’s ministry, the Bible says that as Paul was preaching, he looked at that man and discerned that he had faith to be healed, then Paul shouted to him saying “Rise up and walk”, and the man stood and leaped and walked. There are people like that man out there who already have faith to be healed but nobody is going to pray on them for healing.
Another problem is that, sometimes we move when God in us is not moving us, we move based on the flesh and emotions and not according to the will of God, and when no miracle happens, we get discouraged

Acts 14:8 And there sat a certain man at Lystra, impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother’s womb, who never had walked: 9 The same heard Paul speak: who stedfastly beholding him, and perceiving that he had faith to be healed, 10 Said with a loud voice, Stand upright on thy feet. And he leaped and walked.

Also, there are times when the God in us is moving but the people can’t connect with the move because they lack faith in God and understanding of God’s ways. I have seen God appeared in prayer meetings to do great wonders but the people were so deceived and carnal that they limited God in their hearts and God couldn’t do anything

In conclusion, when you saw a need in people’s lives and in your environment and something began to move inside you to do something about that need—That is the move of God. If you do nothing, then you have terminated the move of God. Reinhard Bonnke said when he saw a great need for revival and transformation in the church of God and in the nations, the Church elders were saying “that is how things has been, we have tried to fix things but nothing can change except God sends us revival” but Reinhard Bonnke said he disagreed with them, this man believed that if we preach, teach and practice the gospel the same way the apostles in the Bible did, we will automatically have access to the Power and Revival they had access to, and this was how his ministry started with great Power and wonders

So, we should no longer be waiting for God to send revival when God is already here in us to make it happen!

What are you doing with your life?!
Where is the move of God in you?!!

God bless you all. Amen.


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