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I would like to finish up with my teaching based on the Revelation I had from the Lord regarding the HIGH CALLING

That night, as the Lord was speaking to me about me being called to be an apostle, I told Him that there are certain miracles that those I knew as apostles have performed whereas I have not yet seen such miracles happen through me. He then said certain things which I believe is going to encourage many of you who have downgraded yourself and your calling because you’ve not seen certain miracles happen

The Lord said “In My Kingdom, it is better to stop death than to raise the dead back to life, and it is better to win souls and disciple them to grow mature in the Faith than to perform several healing miracles. I am the One who chooses when visible miracles happen, and every miracle are not visible, the miracles that happen in the soul (such as Salvation) are greater than those that happen in the body”, then the Lord looked at me intently and said “you have stopped many people from dying untimely through your prayer ministry and that alone is greater than raising the dead”

The Lord made me realize that it is not in me to measure or scale the success of my ministry by what I have seen with my physical eyes, it is the Lord Himself that can accurately measure the success of my ministry, meaning that, those times when I think what I’m doing for the Lord doesn’t make sense or doesn’t change anything, heaven is actually so impressed by those works at that time. Therefore, I think what many of us (ministers) should focus on is doing the assignment God has given to us faithfully and with full commitment, then the Lord will now manifest Himself to give the work the success He wants

Ministry is not about pleasing men or having your own way, it is not about “how much you have done”, it is about how much you have done things the way God wants it done. It is not about impressing people, it is about impressing the Lord. Therefore, it will be so difficult for you to attain the high calling of your calling if you focus on getting crowds to follow you or get excited about your work instead of doing the will of the Father here on earth.

I have noticed that the miracles God has done in my ministry has nothing to do with some “special” efforts that came from me, it is the same prayers and Faith actions I do that I have been doing, it is the Lord who is the One commanding the miracles and results we see happening here today. If we follow the divine pattern for our calling and ministry and walk in complete obedience to the Lord, we will naturally see signs and wonders happening through us without struggle

John 5: 17. But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. 19. Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.

You see, I found out what true REVIVAL really is, Revival is not when we speak in tongues and manifest spiritual gifts or anointing, Revival is “When the same thing God is doing in heaven is the same thing we are doing right here on earth”, meaning that, we cannot have real revival until the will of God is being done on earth as it is exactly in heaven. There are ministers who prophesies when the Lord wants them to preach the gospel of salvation and repentance to the people, and some organizes prayer meeting when they should organize a teaching meeting—Therefore, whenever we do something contrary to what the Lord expects us to do at certain times, then we can’t have real revival from heaven

Do not be carried away by the way you see the Lord using you at the moment, don’t be moved by your spiritual gifts and abilities but be moved by the will of God. True greatness comes from the Lord and not from your own wisdom, not everything that appears successful here on earth is actually successful in the sight of God. Let us seek and acknowledge the will of God in all things

In conclusion, You are who God says you are and not what people say you are, it doesn’t matter how little or how big what you are doing for the Lord is at the moment, what matters is how much is the Lord impressed by what you do for Him, yes, how much profit have you brought to heaven through your calling and gifts! It’s so painful to see men of God who has great fame and great multitudes following them bring little or no profit to heaven.

Do not get tired of doing the good thing God has committed to your hands, do it with all the strength within you because the Lord is watching you and He will reward and promote you in due time

When I started ministering on the internet, somebody was discouraging me saying “those who have physical congregation they see face to face still struggle to have success, how will ministering to people you cannot see make any difference”, I ignored the discouragement because I saw that what I’m doing online is blessing a lot of people and changing lives as it is what the Lord wants, So, I continued to do what I considered to be a good work and lo and behold the rewards and results I see now are indeed very great!

I hope you have learnt something from this teaching. The Lord bless you. Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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