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I was in meditation today and I was pondering on how enlightened I had become since when I began to know God intimately, and I could see how advanced my spirituality have become through the things the Lord had taught me, and I opened my mouth and said “Lord, how can I open the eyes of people to see and know these things that changed my life”. But the Lord said “You have been opening their eyes but they keep closing their eyes back, because they consider this world more real than the truths you tell them”

So, the question is, Have you been closing your eyes back?, Why do you trust your brain and emotions than what the word of God reveals?

Don’t trust your brain, mind, feelings and senses because they have fallen. The brain Adam had before he sinned in the garden of Eden wasn’t the same with the brain he had after he fell, your human nature is a fallen nature, it has lost contact with the realities of God, So, you must not believe and trust your nature, you must not follow your nature, it will lead you astray. Your nature has fallen and has become dark and has become a partner to Satan who is the Father of lies and deception

Therefore, when you hear the preaching and teaching of the word of Truth, you must believe and repent and obey the truth, this is how you will see your life transformed, this was how God changed my life and continues to change it

My soul weeps every time I see Christians so far behind in becoming who God wants them to be…but I don’t know what else to do, I have done everything I can to help this generation see the light!

My prayer is that, the Holy Spirit should open your eyes and that you don’t close your eyes back forever in Jesus name. Amen

©️ A. A. Emmanuel (telegram)

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