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Sometimes, gaining victory in spiritual warfare is not really about how good you are in fighting but about how FAST you are in fighting, you might not be very skillful in warfare but if you know how to hit your enemy faster at the point where your enemy can’t survive your blow, then you are even better than a skilled soldier. Even in Soccer, the faster you are with the ball, the more likely you are going to score a goal.

Now, why this topic?, I saw that many Christians are being defeated in spiritual battles today because we lack spiritual speed, Bible said David ran toward Goliath and quickly sling the stone to hit his forehead – Have you asked yourself, Why did David ran to meet the enemy?, Why was he the first to run to attack?! Many times, we wait for the enemy to attack us firstly before we fight back, also, while fighting, we don’t fight with faith, we most times fight with fear and insecurity in our hearts. If you want to get quick victory, then you must learn spiritual speed, and if a man is going to run quickly against the enemy, that man must have these 3 things:
1) He knows he has mastered his speed skills and can’t miss his target
2) He knows where to hit the enemy and quickly bring him down
3) He is not afraid to make the move, he has complete trust in the Power working with him

Fasting is one of the ways to add SPEED to your prayers, but note that we are not fasting to help God do what He wants to do, we fast to help ourselves receive God’s help quickly. There are some powers you can’t easily command in the Spirit realm if you are not a man of fasting, even Jesus told His disciples that some demons can’t go out except through fasting…Paul said he fast often, how many of us can say “I fast often”, when last did you fast? And how many times do you fast in a week?! One of the natures of a spirit is that a spirit can move very fast, in fact, a spirit can move faster than the speed of light…Do you know that every born again believer is a SPIRIT?, If God is Spirit, then His children must definitely be spiritual beings…The real You is more spiritual than physical, your spirit should be able to move quickly in the Spirit realm to touch God and receive from God, your spirit should be able to penetrate into the spiritual realm and do great and mighty things within seconds…To be continued.

ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO YOU WHEN YOU BECAME BORN AGAIN IS THE FACT THAT YOUR SPIRIT MAN RECEIVED LIFE AND FREEDOM FROM CHRIST…YOU CAN BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT ON EARTH WHILE YOUR SPIRIT HAS TRAVELED SO FAR INTO THE HEAVENS!! Success sometimes is not only about how good you are but about how quickly you are able to get results at the time they are so needed…You need spiritual speed!!! Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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