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1 Corinthians 7: 2. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband.

How should we interpret this verse?! Should we just go ahead and get married by all means because we don’t want to fall into the sin of fornication?! Then what would happen to those who Jesus said they are destined to be eunuchs (that is, remain unmarried till death)?, Is there not a Grace to stay unmarried and yet live in Purity and holiness till we leave this body?!

Now, you need to note that the writer of this epistle, that is, Apostle Paul, is himself unmarried, and he had said in a place that he wished that everyone could stay unmarried like himself so that they can serve God till the best of their capacity and passion, and he also said in a place that “the time is short, let those who are married live as though they were never married…”—So, what was Paul thinking when he was writing 1 Corinthians 7?, If he is so strict about what he said in verse two, then he himself should have gotten married Or we should ask him how has he been coping with overcoming the sin of fornication!

Now, the purpose of this teaching is not to preach against getting married or forbid people from getting married because I myself I’m married, but the truth is that, thousands of souls has been held bound under terrible bondage of darkness because they took 1 Corinthians 7:2 out of context and they saw getting married as the only way out from committing sexual sins against God, and this is very wrong, Satan has enslaved a lot of people through this ignorance

How do we avoid fornication?, Is it by getting married?, the real answer is NO. We overcome sin and worldliness and unrighteousness by our faith in Jesus, this faith gives us grace (also known as the gift of God) and through this grace we are able to live a life that pleases God. That was what Paul meant by “proper gift of God” in 1 Corinthians 7:7, God gave Paul a GRACE to stay unmarried till he die, So, if God can do this for Paul, He can as well give you a GRACE to stay unmarried till God Himself provide you with a life partner to be with

It takes Power to become a Son of God, and God has given you that power since the day you became born again, see John 1:12, you just need to connect to that Power within you by faith, So, we overcome fornication and adultery and every sexual sin by faith in the Power of God and not by getting married

John 1: 12. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

Now, why did Paul said what he said?

To understand very well, we need to look at 1 Corinthians 7:1, you see, it was told Paul that certain young brethren in the Corinthian church were moving around the opposite sex anyhow and yet this people were not married to themselves, So, they asked Paul “Can brothers and sisters in the church grow so fond of each other and touch each other (even though sex is not involved)?” But Paul said it is wrong to do that, instead, let those people touching each other get married. So, the people Paul was referring to here, are those believers who have not found GRACE to stay without touching the opposite sex, and they haven’t found this grace because they have not sought for it (because it is the same grace that keeps us from sin). So, Apostle Paul now dedicated the entire chapter to teach on marriage

Let’s look at it, you keep moving from one relationship to another, dating many men and women because you don’t want to commit fornication, but the funny thing is that, you are already committing fornication! The fact that you can’t stay single without having any person in your life already shows that you are in bondage and that you need deliverance

So, some of you keep asking God to give you a partner when you should be asking God to strengthen you to stay single and pure until the day God Himself will send you the right person.

You see, the God that I know, doesn’t believe in weakness, He is a God that believes in strength and victory, God is not likely to give you a partner when you have not obtained the grace and strength to stand single all by yourself and remain pure that way for a long time. If you got a partner while you are still sexually weak to stay pure, I doubt if such partner is from God, most times it is the devil that will send you a partner

So, Why would God not give you marriage when you are still sexually weak?, It is because the kind of marriage God gives people is not just for them to be sleeping with each other but for both partners to help each other fulfill their callings and destinies. Therefore, if you enter into marriage because you just want to be sexually satisfied, you will be the one who will destroy that marriage, you will expose the marriage to a lot temptations and demons and demonic attacks—Do you think Christian marriage is just for Sexual Satisfaction?

In the ancient biblical times, it is a custom that the soldiers going to war are not permitted to sleep with a woman until they have completely defeated their enemies. So, the Lord began to speak to me, He said some Christian couples are having sexual fun when they should be fighting spiritual warfare and that was how Satan got them captive till today and they are still so blind to come out of that captivity! So, when you are at war, Is that the time to have sexual fun?!

And if you are sexually weak, how would you even be able to discern when to abstain from sex!

Now, in this ancient times, the soldiers could be at the battlefield for more than six months…If you are not sexually disciplined, Can you keep yourself that long?

Therefore, “getting married” is not an antidote for sexual sins and Sexual addictions, it is the will of God that you get strong enough to stay pure on your own for a long time before He gives you the person He wants you to marry, So, it could be that the reason God has not given you marriage is because you are still weak and you are not seeking for strength!

And there are many crisis that happens in marriage and God does not want you to because of such crisis divorce your wife or husband, such crisis includes: sickness of spouse (especially sickness that takes a very long time to heal), accidents that leads to disabilities, situations of wars, disasters and pandemics where you can’t travel to where your husband stays…etc

Marriage is for strong people and not for weak ones (especially Christian marriage)

In conclusion, it is not about how many years you have been waiting to get married, it is about pleasing God with all your life because when your marriage comes, your marriage MUST also please God! Have you been so selfless enough to ask God if He wants you to get married or not—Because it’s possible that God does not even want you to marry at all!

Many of us are so selfish and carnal such that we have so much exalted marriage above the love of God and the will of God!!

I hope you have learnt something. God bless you. Amen

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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