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The above question is one of the questions people have asked me often times. The answer is simple,


1) The first thing to consider when it comes to paying your tithes is to ask yourself, Where am I being nurtured spiritually?, Which church or ministry is God using at this time to build up my spiritual life?. Now, some of you might not be able to answer this question properly because you go to many churches and are connected to many ministers of God and they have blessed your life in several ways. Then ask yourself again, which of these churches have I submitted to? Which church leadership am I under? Which of these ministers of God are acting as a spiritual covering over my life and destiny?


2) You also need to consider the Labour, Dedication and Sacrifices of God’s servants over your life. The principle of tithing is a way of God rewarding or paying His servants that labor day and night doing His work and serving His people. It is therefore wrong to take your tithes and pay to where there’s no labor and seriousness and commitment going on towards saving souls (including your soul) and discipling souls to full maturity in Christ


3) It is also important to note that Jesus can divert your tithes from your local church to another church or ministry or minister somewhere else. God and heaven don’t believe that we are divided, God sees His Church as ONE, therefore, what the ministers in your church are doing is complementing what some other ministers are doing in another church far from where you are. Our ministries and callings are connected whether you agree or not, if I fail as a minister, my failure means every other minister has failed and if I succeed, my success means every other minister has succeeded. So, God can tell you to take your tithes and give to a church or ministry that is different from your local church.


4) Don’t tithe to a witchcraft church. A witchcraft church is any church that is not doing the will of God as revealed in the Bible, especially churches that uphold doctrines and teachings that don’t line up with the standard of God. This includes churches whose focus is not on God’s Kingdom but on earthly/worldly benefits. This also includes churches and ministers who are using demonic powers to do ministry. If you tithe to this church, you will be forever enslaved by the darkness ruling over the church and your finances will suffer great failures.


We are all connected to the same wealth reserve in heaven and faithful giving of your tithes together with offerings is how we access and draw from the excess wealths in the Kingdom of God. Amen.


©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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