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This is a common question many youths have asked me, and I want to use this post to address issues regarding masturbation, pornography and sexual thoughts torment. Firstly, I want to mention that you can’t free yourself from masturbation. Why?, because Jesus Christ died and resurrected to set you free from all sins including the sin of masturbation. So, it is JESUS that gives the Power to sin no more, He is the One who gives us the divine nature (a nature that practice righteousness and hates sin). Therefore, if you have FAITH in who Jesus is and in what he can do, then you will surely overcome masturbation. Another answer to the above question is that, You can also free yourself from masturbation. How?, Bible says that we should flee from all appearances of evil, the Psalmist also said “I will never set my eyes on anything evil”—You need to note that your eyes including your ears are GATEWAYS to your mind and your mind is the POWER behind your actions. So, if your mind is sexually pure, you are not likely to masturbate.

You need to answer questions like, Do I still love nurturing sexual thoughts in my heart or I now hate it?, Do I still have pornography pictures, videos or films on my phone, computers etc?, Do I still love watching pornography movies, games and cartoons?, Why am I still keeping all these sinful and seductive girlfriends around me?, Do I still listen to sexually arousing music?…Your answer to these questions will determine if you are ready to be free or not. Now, because masturbation is one of those sexual sins that is addictive in nature, you don’t only need to face it with prayers, you also need to attack it with SELF DISCIPLINE – You need to fight yourself. By fighting yourself, I mean, if there’s a seductive picture coming up on the TV shows, fight it immediately or switch off the TV. If there’s a seductive thought rising up in your heart, fight it and delete it immediately. If there’s a lady or guy coming or starting to seduce you to think sexually, rebuke him or her immediately or walk away from the person. Now, if your body (this is very important) is telling you to masturbate, you need to STOP your body immediately or begin to pray immediately until the sexual urge fades away.

WHAT IS MASTURBATION?, MASTURBATION IS WHEN YOU START FONDLING WITH OR MANIPULATING YOUR SEXUAL ORGANS (ON YOUR BODY) IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU BEGIN TO SATISFY YOUR SEXUAL DESIRES BY YOURSELF. Masturbation is very deadly because it connects you with many demons and weakens your spirit man until you begin to destroy yourself!! Amen.

©️A. A. Emmanuel

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