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God has written the script of your life and has placed you in this world to live out what has been written concerning you. Who are those watching this movie?, God is watching, together with the angels and the saints who had died and are now with the Lord. Not only that, Satan and demons are also watching. What will happen to you tomorrow, next month and next year has already been decided before you were born, you are just here to play your own part of the movie.

The most painful thing is when you begin to live your life in contrary to what has been written concerning you, it is a painful thing to God and the angels to see that you are following another direction different from what has been laid down for you. Now, if you don’t follow the path God has drawn for your life, how would you be able to get to your final destination. In this BIG MOVIE that all of us have found ourselves, there are also small movies for each of us, meaning that your whole life including people around you, people you will meet, what you do for a living… is a complete movie on its own. So, whenever God looks at your life, Is He seeing you doing what you should do and staying where you should be??!

The question now is “how do I ensure that I am living according to the divine script for my life?”, The following will answer:
1) You have to be a child of God, you have to be born again.
2) Allow the Holy Spirit to lead and control your whole life till the end of your life
3) Make sure you are always doing the will of God and don’t disobey any divine instruction given to you
4) If you have disobeyed God’s instructions in any way, go back and obey or do what you had refused to do – the longer you stay in disobedience, the more confused and scattered your journey will be
5) Follow the right doctrine, and join the right church
6) Follow the Bible way, and practice the Bible truths
7) pray and prevail over powers that manipulate destinies

YOU HAVE BEEN BROUGHT INTO A WORLD AND TIME YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, AND EVERY STEP YOU TAKE, EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE HERE HAS A DIRECT EFFECT ON YOUR DESTINY!! The end of this big movie is certain but how your own life will end is based on your choice and relationship with God – Be wise!!! Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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