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I want to share with you what happened to me a few days after the 7 days dry fasting I did

I am an intercessor by the Grace of God and at times the Lord usually places certain burdens on my heart and spirit to pray for certain people and issues, but this thing that happened has never happened to me before and it was too terrible to bear

During the hours of midnight that precedes that day, I couldn’t sleep throughout that night, and it was as if FIRE was ignited from within me and the flame was increasing very rapidly, I could feel the heat on my body (usually, whenever I’m praying in the Spirit, I always feel FIRE burning all over me, and sometimes my eyes will be too hot for me to open them) but the heat I felt that night was very higher than the ones I usually experience. So, when it got to a point, I began to pray, I thought within me that if I am feeling FIRE this way, then let me channel it to prayer, then I found myself in the midst of serious warfare and intercessory prayers, I was fighting terrible kingdoms of darkness and commanding destinies of people to be released to manifestation

But this was just the beginning of pains (I didn’t know), then as the day breaks, I was still feeling the heat of the flames all over me, now, what I’m saying here is very real, my body was so hot such that it could make a very cold water warm and I began to feel very restless, it was exactly the same with someone who is in hell fire right now, the pain was too unbearable and I couldn’t be at peace, I was rolling and shaking like someone who has been set on fire to die. The serious thing was that the heat was not stopping, it wasn’t reducing but was increasing, the more I fight it, the more the fire increase, the bed I was lying upon became too hot, in fact, the breathe coming from my nose and mouth was so hot, it was as though there’s a great source of fire inside of me generating the fire

I wouldn’t pray for this to happen even to my enemy. It was HELL FIRE on earth. At a point, I said “Lord, I am going to die if this continues”, He said “You will not die”, I was lying down groaning with serious pains, the person who was with me was seriously scared…I thought to myself that if I go to the hospital now, they will say that I’ve contacted the virus, I said “Lord, please don’t let this reach the point where people around me will be compelled to take me to the hospital because they don’t know you are the One dealing with me right here”

Then as the pain continues, I heard a voice saying “If you can’t feel the pain of the world, how will you be able to heal the world?”—This is actually where I want all of you to learn from. As I continued to meditate on what the voice said, then I realized that God was causing me to feel the pains of everyone that are in pains all over the world, their pains must pass through me, even as their healing will as well pass through me when Revival comes. You see, there’s always a price to pay to save a generation! I know that a lot of you want to walk in great Power of heaven here on earth but the question is, Are you willing to feel the pains of the world? Are you willing to let God put upon you intercessory burdens of restlessness and pains and dying and weeping until the salvation of your generation is birthed?!!

How did Jesus got the authority He now possesses?, It was through Pain, suffering and shame. Now, the name of Jesus commands such great power and authority in heaven, on earth and under the earth but Jesus went through hell to earn it. Christians of today don’t want to suffer for righteousness sake and yet they want to see the glory of heaven manifest right here on earth! Some years ago, the Lord told me that “if you can’t identify with me in death and suffering, you will not be able to identify with me in Power and Glory”

You see, you can’t really understand what happened to me, it got to a point while I was in that FIRE HELL (the experience was not different from hell fire), I was telling the Lord to receive my spirit because I was ready to die, that experience killed me (it took from me the desire to continue to live). But the Lord said “be careful of what you say right now, this is not meant to kill you but to refine you”.

I think we all need to come to a point where we have all died to everything that is US. We need to attain the highest level of selflessness and self denial and self death, we need to get to a point where we now live here on earth for the LORD and for Him alone.

How I wish God will take you to the place where you become completely dead to yourself and this world!!

Now, I need to tell you about how I got healed, or how God switched off the flames!

The Lord Jesus was still standing with me after He told me to watch whatever I open my mouth to say during these pains, He now told me that I should stop resisting the Fire, He said stop acting like you don’t want to be consumed by the flames, embrace the flames and agree with it and that is how it would be stopped. So, I began to do exactly what the Lord said, then after some few minutes, an angel told me saying “It is done”, this angel is of the category of the four living creatures (the Cherubims), the angel said he has locked up fire source from within me (of which I noticed that the flames were not rising again from within me) and he then told me to get a bowl of cold water and dip a cloth into it and use it to dampen my body so that all the heat trapped in my body organs and tissues will fade out (the fire was actually coming from my spirit), I did this as well and that was how the HELL was quenched

Also, from this experience, I knew what it meant to be seriously sick and to be instantly healed.

I also learned that the more quickly you surrender and embrace God’s dealings with you, the more quickly the refining and transformation process will be completed. Stop resisting the workings or operations of God in your spirit, soul and body, even if it’s not convenient, you should let God have His way!

I hope you have learnt something from what happened to me, this happened 3 years ago (2020).

Remain blessed and Victorious! Amen.


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