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I was reading through the account of Jesus’ life and ministry when He walked the earth and I saw places where he would do a miracle and told the recipient of the miracle not to tell anyone about it. Now, the question is, Was Jesus Christ against FAME? And often times when demons in people were going to reveal his real identity, he would shut them up and not let them speak—Can we say that there’s a time to be known by the public and there’s a time not be known by the public? Can we also say that some miracles are not meant to be shared with the public?

What I discovered was that the focus of Jesus Christ in his ministry wasn’t fame, his focus was establishing or to enthrone the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men, his focus was to save souls and that was why he doesn’t want the miracles to distract both him and the people from the focus of his mission. He knew that giving heed to fame would stop him from accomplishing what God has sent him into the world to achieve

To give in to fame is to always want multitudes and crowds of people to follow you or flock around you, it is to want your name to be known everywhere in the world, it is to feel bad when the people following you are no longer interested in you and began to leave you, it is to withhold the truth from people because you know that if they hear the truth they will stop following you, it is to always want everyone to be pleased with you

Therefore, Jesus Christ was able to overpower the spirit of fame in his ministry by focusing on his divine purpose on earth and by taking advantage of the fame to get many people to hear about the message of God’s Kingdom, He was so focused on teaching the people Kingdom truths to the point that the people knew him for that and referred to him as RABBI (meaning Teacher) and not as a miracle worker, He wanted them to know God the way He knew Him and to walk in the realms of Victory he is walking in. He wanted them to be able to do the same works (including miracles) he does and have with them the same presence of God that was with him—He was showing them how to attain these things

It’s a shame that many Christians and ministers of God today cannot walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we have allowed fame and the desire to be famous to destroy our divine purpose or assignment on earth, pleasing God has been replaced with pleasing men, and the fame that God gave some of them was misused and turned into a money making strategy. Instead of leading the crowds and multitudes to Jesus, these men and women of God are leading the crowds to themselves and using the people to satisfy their selfish lusts!

Let me round off with this, believe me, not every visible miracle should be publicized on the internet and the media, God don’t need your intervention or support to make Himself known worldwide in your life and ministry, giving a man fame is too easy for God to do. For instance, in the days of Jesus Christ and the apostles, there was no media and internet and everyone all over the land of Israel got to hear about Jesus and his works. God told me sometime ago saying “I can bypass the internet and media and social media to make you famous all over the world and your fame will be so strong to the point that it is the people on the media and internet that would come looking for you to launch you on their platforms”

Let God be the One to announce you with fame, and stop trying to announce yourself. Some of you are not doing ministry with the right heart with which it should be done—Repent Now!

May the Lord help you to be wise. Amen


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