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The Lord was speaking to me recently saying “You don’t get the whole world to listen to you by self promotion, My fame doesn’t come through advertisements. I give fame to a man by making him a solution to the problems of His generation, and this is the only fame that will last long”

According to the Kingdom of God, fame doesn’t come by looking for it, meaning that, when you start working tirelessly to make yourself famous, you cannot have a real lasting fame. Fame is what God gives to ensure that His calling upon your life is fulfilled as it should, God gives it to ensure that your light shines and prevails all over the world, God gives it to ensure that many people get to hear and receive the message He has sent you to preach and teach. Therefore, real fame is not to glorify you, promote you or celebrate you but to Glorify Jesus and magnify Jesus all over the world

You know, as a gospel artist who have written and composed some powerful Christian songs, I thought that I need to take my songs to radio stations, TV stations and shows etc to be famous but I never knew that that is not the real path to fame according to the standard of God. I am not saying it is wrong to make efforts to do advertisements and publicity for gospel contents, but I am saying that is not how God gives His own fame

When we take the gospel to many media platforms and internet platforms to get a lot of people to hear about Jesus and God’s Kingdom, we are actually doing the right thing, when we spend millions of dollars to promote gospel songs and videos and sermons, we are as well doing the right thing, But we should not be deceived and distracted by the fact that we are getting many likes, subscribers and views of our contents. We should focus on how what we preach, teach and promote would save lives, change lives and transform destinies

So, the Lord told me that real and lasting fame comes by “solving problems”, when God wants to announce your calling, talent and ministry to the world, He would give you an anointing that solves people’s problems, such that people are not listening to you because all radio stations are talking about you but because they know that every time they listen to you and receive your ministry, their lives won’t remain the same

There were some men of God that I know who are already dead since many years ago but people still talk about their works today as though they died just yesterday, the reason why people can’t forget about them was because their Ministries or Callings prevailed in the hearts of men, they were a great blessing to their generation, they changed a lot of lives and gave hope to many hopeless people. Let us stop practising a shallow Christianity and Ministry, let us go so deep into God and get the solutions that are powerful enough to solve the prevailing problems of our present time

How did Jesus became famous?, The Bible said He returned from the wilderness after 40 days of fasting and His fame grew in the whole area because Jesus returned with the Power of God that solves problems, He began to perform many miracles and healings.

I strongly believe that if our focus is on helping people out of love to become what God wants them to become, we will receive fame from the Lord as a reward in due season

Luke 4:14 And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit into Galilee: and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about.

There are some today who claim to be doing ministry and helping people but they are not doing it out of love, they are doing it for selfish reasons, they are doing it to promote themselves and their names, God will not give fame to such people as a reward. The Lord told me sometime ago that ministry is all about giving to people, it’s about laying down all your life to help people fulfill their callings and destinies, it is not about gaining from people, if you do ministry to gain from people, you have failed God’s Kingdom.

You must give out so much to your generation such that they can’t pay you back in return with any amount

In conclusion, let us focus on soul winning, discipleship and being a blessing to our generation rather than trying to make name for yourself. If God doesn’t lift you up, you are not likely to stay up for a long time, I mean if it is people that lift you up and not God, the same people will pull you down or vote you down. But if God lifts you up, you can never come down, in fact, you will only continue to go higher.

My prayer for you is that, God will help you so much to discover your purpose in life and empower you to be the solution your generation has been waiting for! In Jesus name! Amen.


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