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I was thinking not long ago, and in my thoughts I began to ponder on “certain mindsets” I used to have before now and how those mindsets brought great limitations upon my life, ministry and my walk with God. And I began to assume that the people around me now have the mindset I now have but the Holy Spirit corrected me saying “there are still too many people in the Church living with the former mindset you used to have”, after I heard this, I immediately remembered when the Lord told me that if I would correctly disciple people, I should not disciple them from my own level of spiritual growth, I should come down to their level and help them come up spiritually

My point of sharing this is that, we need to honor the process God takes us through to build us up, we need to cherish every bit of the process. If you want to grow spiritually, don’t assume you have attained what you are yet to attain, don’t assume you know what you are yet to know, always be humble and patient enough to go through the process God is presently taking you through.

Don’t assume you already have a victory you don’t have, don’t assume you are ruling over sin when in the practical sense, the sin is still ruling over you—Don’t rush to leave a level when you haven’t yet gained victory and success in that level

I realize that many successful and celebrated men/women of God don’t take time to show the people they are discipling and the people following them how God took them to where they got to, and because they aren’t doing this, it makes it difficult for them to produce disciples like them in spiritual maturity (and if they can’t do this, how would they produce disciples who must be greater than them)

On the other hand, I saw that those believers who happened to find themselves under leaders who were ready to disciple them thoroughly don’t usually humble themselves and submit to the leadership for successful training.

There was a time I organized Prophetic Training classes, and I told the students what they stand to enjoy after the training completes successfully and many of them were so excited, but when I began to show them how to attain those benefits, they began to leave the classes one by one. They want to talk with angels but aren’t willing to pay the price to attain such realms!

Just as I said in the first paragraph, endeavor to be a sincere, honest and diligent believer who is willing to measure his or her life side by side with the truths or realities and experiences the Bible teaches, so as to know where you are currently in Christ and how much you still have to attain in Christ. I knew where I was before now and I know where I am now, and I thank God for every bit of the process. A growing Christian is the Christian who will likely make heaven, a Christian who is not growing don’t stand 5% chance of making heaven in the end

John 8:31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; 32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

If after the Holy Spirit has exposed certain truths in the Bible to you, you are supposed to diligently labour until that truth produce freedom and victory in your life. Jesus said “the truth shall make you free”, you must persist in faith and prayers until you experience the liberty that the truth brings.

Don’t think you can skip a vital stage in your spiritual growth and rush to another level and expect to succeed at that level! For instance, if you skip the phase where God wants you to attain holiness and sanctification, and you rush to starting a healing and deliverance ministry, you will definitely fail in the ministry and might die young (without holiness, the powers of darkness you cast out from people will come after you and defeat you)

I will stop here. Be wise. Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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