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This revelation is meant to change you, if it doesn’t change you, then I don’t know what else will

The question is, How does God measure the strength of believers? When does God refer to you as a strong believer?, When are you a real Christian before God?, Is it because of your good works?, Is it because of your level of self discipline and determination?, Is it because you can go into fastings for days without food and water?, Is it because you have read through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for more than 20 times?, Is it because of your payment of tithes and offerings? Etc, Surely there’s a short answer to these questions listed, you see, if you are not yet found doing what unbelievers cannot do except they come to be in Christ Jesus, then you are not yet a real and a strong Christian

Matthew 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I don’t know what you boast of secretly in your heart, Is it that God has used you to work miracles?, Well, there are many unbelievers out there that are doing the same, I learnt of a certain professor in Nigeria sometime ago who demonstrated in one of his magical classes something that appeared to be very strange, he told someone to slaughter him in pieces with cutlass and the person packed him up into a big cylinder and suddenly the man’s body began to join together and he rose up as he was before he was slaughtered in pieces, now this man was just a magician and he could show such great wonder. You see, many of the things we boast to have achieved in the realm of power and anointing is what many witchdoctors out there can do so easily…And this is why some witchdoctors in suits could easily fool Christians by appearing to be pastors (because we don’t seem to know the standard of God for Christianity)

What do we know about “the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees”?, What many of you do today is not even up to 10% of the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, and you say you want to enter into the Kingdom of God?—It’s not possible! Even when it comes to paying of tithes, some of you still listen to preachers that says “don’t pay tithes, it’s for the old testament people”, Do you know how the Pharisees pay tithes?, They pay tithe of every little thing they get, even the tiniest of their income and God said we must do more than this to enter into His Kingdom, that means we should be thinking of paying 50% and not just 10% of income!
Some of us boast of “knowing the Scriptures”, Do you know how the Pharisees knew the Scriptures?, they studied the Scriptures to the point that they could recite large and long chapters of the Bible offhand without making any mistakes, the whole Bible was inside their heads, how many of us have studied the Scriptures to that point?!

The Lord condemned the “righteousness” of the unbelievers because it was centered on “Self” and not on the Lord Himself, and despite the fact that they could do many religious exploits, there are things they couldn’t do, and they couldn’t do those things because only a life that is in Christ Jesus can do them.
But today, I see many Christians justifying themselves by certain good works and outward righteousness they do, but I see the Lord saying “even unbelievers can do the same, I want more, give me something unbelievers can never do without Me being in them”

Maybe you boast of the fact that you have been keeping yourself from sexual sins, from fornication and adultery, yes you boast that you are still a virgin, but the truth is that, many unbelievers out there still do the same, Or you boast that you give a lot of gifts and food to the poor and needy, but you and I know that there are some unbelievers out there that do this much more than you! So, if you think Christianity is based on some good works, then you are very wrong. Christianity is based on Faith and Grace and through this we do not only do what unbelievers do, we even do it in a better way they can never do it, also, we do much more than they can ever do, yes, things that is not in them to do

Jesus said “love your enemies, pray for your enemies…”, up till now, it is still a difficult thing for thousands of Christians to do this, and we say we want the kingdom of God, it is certain that we don’t actually want the kingdom of God, it is the kingdom of ourselves that we want. Jesus knew that it is very difficult for unbelievers to love their enemies let alone pray for their enemies, that is why He gave us such commandment and yet we call ourselves sons of God but can’t do these things!

Unbelievers want revenge after being hurt, that is why they take themselves to court, unbelievers can’t forgive except they pay you back for what you have done to them, unbelievers don’t have the love of Christ (the selfless and sacrificial love), they don’t even know how to show this kind of love, unbelievers can’t work with you or work for you without thinking of how it will benefit them first, in fact, they use others to enrich themselves, yes, they compete with others and they look for the downfall of others in order to take their positions…Now, if these same things that is naturally normal to unbelievers is what we Christians now practice and do, then, Can you tell me the kind of Christians we are?!!

The Lord told me last night saying “I am raising you up to minister to the depths of people’s hearts, so that you can save them from their depths, because once they are saved in this way, it would be too difficult for them to miss heaven”, So, I know I might not sound like some other preachers out there you love to listen to because God has sent me to go after your soul and not after your physical life, and I thank God because all these things I’m preaching is what God has done in me, though I learnt them through pains and it took me years to fully embrace them…But if you really don’t want to be disqualified from the move of God in these last days and from entering heaven, then you must embrace this Life of the Kingdom I am showing you

A lot of people out there are already confused with the today’s Christianity, they don’t know which church is the right one anymore, they don’t know which men of God is the right one anymore, and this is because we focus too much on what is not the standard and foundation of God’s Kingdom, we focus on spiritual gifts and we neglect the Life of Christ (the fruit of the Spirit), we have become too carnal for heaven and God couldn’t give us all of Himself because we really do not want God

In conclusion, if you have not allowed Jesus save you completely from the inside, then I can boldly tell you that your life is going to become worse than unbelievers, in fact, you won’t even be able to do even up to the good works that unbelievers do, Why? Because God is already angry with us Christians. Let God save you from your inward darkness such as pride, hypocrisy, bitterness, lack of love, not wanting unity, greed, selfishness, lover of yourself, anger, envy, unforgiving heart, lust, fear, doubt, controlling spirit, hatred, oppressing others not being sacrificial, etc!
It is until we begin to show the world what they can never do and have that we can actually win the world for Christ.

I’m going to stop here. May this message change you. Amen.


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