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I discovered that God usually carry out experiments on people (especially His own children) in order to ascertain some facts about the individual or people. Just as scientists carry out several experiments on a particular substance or hypothesis before they can come out with a final CONCLUSION regarding their object of experiment, likewise God usually carry out certain experiments on mankind for Him to know who we really are, what we stand for and how much we love and believe Him.

God did not just made a general statement about Job (in Job chapter one), God had subjected Job to pass through several tests, trials and temptations before He suddenly said “Job is an upright man and a man who hates evil”. And for God to prove to Satan that His own facts and conclusions about Job is stronger, He allowed Satan to afflict him for a season and yet Job did not change from whom God said he is. I saw that God still do the same on believers today, He can allow you to pass through terrible situations and events so that He can fully know who you are – It is not that God is deficient in certain knowledge (God is omniscient), God does this to confirm before His angels, the demons and all men whether what He is thinking about you is true or not.

For instance, God had to come down in form of human in order to be sure whether the report given to Him concerning Sodom and Gomorrah is true, God had to test Abraham to be sure of his faith, God tested Esau to be sure of his attitude toward his birthright… God tested the Israelites to know the intents of their hearts.

GOD CAN DELIBERATELY PUT YOU ON A VERY HARD JOURNEY JUST TO PROVE YOUR LOVE FOR HIM, FAITH, TRUST, HOPE AND PATIENCE IN HIM!… A lot of Christians had failed God when He was checking for their level of love for Him!! What is God’s findings about you?!!! Amen.

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