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DEMONIC TECHNOLOGY – Watch out and beware!!


I got a revelation sometime ago where the Lord was showing me some things that will soon happen in the earth. Very soon, some group of scientists will come up with certain technological advancement or discovery and they will introduce these two demonic computerized gadgets to us:

In that vision, I saw a certain woman I know in real life enter through this machine to transport herself from one location to another, there was another lady who was trying to use this machine but she got trapped in the air because she did not operated the machine well from where she took off. And these things happened in the UK according to the vision.

2) A MACHINE THAT WILL TAKE PEOPLE TO VIEW THEIR PASTS AND FUTURE (Including what happened to their forefathers)
I saw a man used this machine and he found himself in a kind of ancient environment and it was like a war had just attacked the country…but while he was trying to leave that realm, an animal was going to attack him…!

Now, the Lord told me that these machines had already been developed and perfectly programmed to function as I saw them, the agents of darkness are just waiting for the right time to launch it – Beware!

Note that demonic technology cannot give us true realities of heaven, and any reality that doesn’t agree with the realities of heaven is not real.

These technologies would be portrayed as real and harmless but it’s not and it’s a trap to eternally destroy souls of men.

The Lord told me that a time is coming where Antichrist technology would be able to heal all manner of sicknesses and diseases but anyone who receives the healing will not be able to enter heaven. They will be damned forever.

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