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Note that if you can’t rule over the realm of sex, the spirit of lust will enslave you forever, this is not about whether you are married or not. In fact, if you have not prevailed over the realm of sex, marriage will make your slavery to sex realm worse and you will begin to commit sexual sins both in your soul and body


Seduction and Sex pleasure is also part of the sex realm, and this includes both the seducer and the one who is being seduced. Some people will say “I’m not committing fornication and adultery, I’m not sleeping with any other person different from my spouse” but they are always in the realm of seduction to enjoy sex pleasure, they are either the ones seducing others or they are yielding to receive the seductions coming from others. This implies that it is not until you are on the bed with the opposite sex that you can commit sexual sin


In the realm of the Spirit, both the seducer and the seduced are sinners and are slaves to the sex realm


I have seen so called Christian brothers and sisters chatting on social media chats in seductive manner, they will say “there’s nothing between us, we are just friends” but this your so called friend is talking and joking about your private body parts and your sexual identity/feelings and you just laugh—That, in the realm of the Spirit is sex, you already had sex by having such deep sexual conversations


Jesus Christ said that by looking at a woman (or a woman looking at the man) and lusting in your heart or mind after the person already mean sexual sin has happened. Some of us take the words of Jesus very lightly and that is why we never get major breakthroughs and victories, Jesus was simply showing you that Sex can be 100% achieved in the invisible realm without any physical contact, that is how the Kingdom of God sees the realm of sex


But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

Matthew 5:28 NLT


Some women will say “this is how I dress, I dress provocatively (or dress to slay), I don’t care about who is looking at me, anyone looking at me should mind their minds”, but what the devil is not telling you is that “you are a slave to the sex realm”. See, the one who is seducing others is a slave and the one who yields to the pull of seduction is also a slave and they all have sinned, and the anger of God is more upon the seducer


“What sorrow awaits the world, because it tempts people to sin. Temptations are inevitable, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting.

Matthew 18:7 NLT


Believe me, sexual demons (which are mostly marine spirits and witchcraft spirits) will never leave your life alone until you have gained a permanent victory over the sex realm—And that is by refusing to be a seducer and refusing to be seduced. The spiritual creatures having sex with you in the dreams will never stop doing that until you do the needful. If we tell you to dress properly (and there’s a way nature makes you know deep inside your mind when you dress properly or not), we are just telling you to save your life from destruction, this is because it is you who will suffer the most


You keep going through deliverance prayer sessions and it is the same demons oppressing you always, it is because you have not changed your lifestyle, as long as you remain bound and controlled by lust, the marine spirits will never leave your life (no matter how hard you pray and fast)


Whenever I preach this way, some people will say “when you get married, we will see how you will handle this sex realm you always talk about” and now that I am married, it is just exactly how the Lord had taught me before I got married. I realized that the way to survive in the sex realm is to rule over it and not let it rule over you. Don’t say because you are married, you now agree to be a slave to the realm, note that the sex realm is full of a great darkness and it is when you are in control that you can turn the darkness in sex into a great light but if you let the sex realm control you, you will die (according to Romans 8:6)


How will you know that you are the one prevailing in the sex realm?

1) The pleasures and feelings from the realm does not dictate to you, you don’t do as you feel, but you choose how you want to feel

2) You can literally suspend the pleasure till when you need it (which is in marriage) and you can suspend it for as many years as possible

3) You can easily come out of the sex realm and enter into the realm of the Spirit of God without thinking about the things in that realm while you are in God’s presence


In conclusion, I discovered that those people who put on seductive dresses such as: trousers (i.e tight ladies and men’s trousers), short gowns that don’t go above the knees, blouses that reveal part of the breasts on the chest area, skirts that are short, tight and below the knees, and every other dresses that don’t cover completely human body nakedness—yes, these categories of people are usually surrounded by DEATH ENERGY. This is because the atmosphere around them kills the true spirituality of the soul. Though this energy makes them feel excited and sometimes they feel like they are on top of the world or could get whatever they want but the atmosphere of this energy literally disconnects people from God’s presence and the Holy Spirit


If you have ever seen people dress improperly and yet still flow powerfully in the anointing, it is because God is still waiting for the generation of those who will correct the error without being afraid of anyone. Or because God doesn’t force Himself on people, He will only Lord over your life according to how much of yourself you have surrendered to Him


May the Lord give you wisdom and godly fear as you journey through a world filled with great sexual darkness! Amen


©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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