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I saw a short vision sometime ago, In that vision, an angel was speaking to another angel, he was like giving order to the other angel, he said “go and check how the world have responded to the visions and revelations we had given people to testify to them”, then the angel continued and said “the count down to the end has started”. In my heart, I knew exactly what the angel is talking about, I remembered that some believers have testified to us how Jesus took them to heaven and hell and have warned us of the danger of missing heaven – In fact, some even told us the things to avoid if we are going to make heaven.

Now, what does the angel meant by “count down to the end”?, he meant that the present world is about to expire for a new world to emerge. There’s a timer somewhere in heaven that is already ticking downward and once it finished counting down, the end will come – It is similar to an atomic bomb that is set to explode after 30 minutes. My question for you is: How have you responded to the messengers God has sent to warn you of the judgment ahead?! How are you living your life at this time?!… What is more important in this world than your soul? Why have you chosen to gain the pleasures of this world and lose your soul to destruction?!

WHY ARE YOU STILL DOUBTING WHETHER THERE’S HELL OR NOT? JESUS SAID BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO BELIEVE BEFORE THEY SEE – IS IT UNTIL YOU ENTER HELL BEFORE YOU WILL BELIEVE?!! The world is about to witness one of the most deadly times in history, if you are not standing firm in Christ, you are not likely to make it till the end!!! Repent Now!!!! Amen.

©️ A. A. Emmanuel

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