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Your spirit man can be likened to a “battery” that you need to charge as often as possible. If this your battery is not charged, it won’t be able to carry out necessary spiritual tasks or assignments. Also, if you don’t charge it, it can run down and die – thereby putting your life in danger of spiritual attacks, this is because if your spirit man is dead or insensitive, how would you know when an evil arrow is coming toward your direction?! Similarly, if your spirit is not charged, you would be too weak to overcome temptations, trials and sins.

Now, the question in your heart is: How do I charge my battery?. In the physical realm, we all know what to do to charge our phones or computers when their batteries gets low, also, I so much believe that many of us know how to charge our spirit man, the challenge is either that we have become too busy to do it or too lazy or too faithless or we don’t want to pay the price needed to develop our spirit man. I am sure that you know those things that usually draw you into the presence of God, you know those things you do that usually revive your spirit, awaken your spiritual gifts and connects you to heaven – So, why did you stopped doing those things?! To stop charging your battery is like saying “I want to die or I want the enemy to prevail over me”. The following are things you can do to charge your battery: 1) pray in the Spirit always (especially praying in tongues)
2) Study, understand and meditate on the Scriptures
3) Fast as often as possible
4) Stop gratifying the desires of your flesh
5) Do a lot of spiritual warfare (you must prevail over certain powers if you will grow spiritually)
6) have fellowship with other believers and pray and worship together with them
7) follow the instructions the Holy Spirit reveals to you…Etc.

No matter how good and sophisticated the function of a phone is, if the battery is dead, it can do nothing… Some of you have great callings and spiritual gifts from God and God is ready to use you for great wonders in the earth, but the reason why you are still functionless is because you had not taken time to charge your battery or to continue to charge it! It’s not a child’s play to explore the Spirit realm, you must be ready to pay the price…To touch the Spirit realm, you must be strong in the spirit.

JUST AS A PHONE CAN NOT RECEIVE CALLS WHEN THE BATTERY IS DEAD, MAYBE THE REASON WHY YOU ARE NOT HEARING FROM GOD IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE FAILED TO CHARGE YOUR SPIRIT!! Paul said his inner man is renewed day by day…Terrible things can happen to you if you stay long in weakness – Charge your battery!!! Amen.


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