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To despise God’s grace is:

1) To think that you don’t need God’s grace to achieve some breakthroughs or success.

If you feel like you have enough skills, strength and abilities to do things, you feel like you don’t need God’s ability or help to succeed—That is despising God’s grace. For instance, when it is time to lead a prayer session and you feel like you can do it all by yourself without the help of the Holy Spirit, you are despising God’s grace. For everything that you will do in the house of God or in God’s business, there is a grace for each of them. If you feel like you can do God’s business yourself because you have been to Bible college or you got some experiences or whatever reasons you may have, if you feel like God cannot help you to do ministry or even spiritual exercises like fasting and prayers, you won’t be able to succeed in them, it would end in frustration. When you cry out in your heart saying “God, I cannot succeed in this work without your help”, then Grace will work for you.


2) Misusing God’s grace

This means that you are using the Grace for the wrong purpose, for what grace it is not meant for. Ref: 1 Corinthians 12v7, If you are not making profit for the Kingdom of God, you are misusing God’s Grace upon your life. If you are using God’s grace for what it is not meant for then you are despising God’s grace and there is a great judgement for that. There are people who are using the Grace God gave them against the will of God and the Kingdom of God, we must not be like those people. In everything we are do, let us glorify God, AMEN.


3) To misinterpret Grace

It is possible that you misinterpret what God is doing in your life. You are thinking what God is doing in your life is not God doing it; you think that it is the devil that is doing it whereas it is God Himself. There are some people who God has given supernatural abilities but they see it as from the devil. For instance, some people think speaking in tongues is of the devil, So whenever the Spirit is enabling them to speak in tongues, they quench the Spirit. Because they feel like that cannot be God. Also, some people always experience strange divine manifestations within and around them and they think it is the devil, they feel that God cannot manifest such powers or abilities meanwhile it is God that is doing it. This is despising the grace of God.


4) To limit the Grace of God

This means that you are having weakness in your faith, you have a low view of God’s grace, you have such a little faith, you cannot trust God fully as He is and for who He is—That is limiting the Grace of God. For instance, you think that there are some things God can use you to do and other things God cannot use you to do despite the fact that God has been telling and revealing to you that He wants to use you for this or that. Within you, you feel like you are unworthy to be used by God or you feel like “this one is too big for God to use me to do”

5) To do contrary to what Grace teaches

Ref: Titus 2v11 When you are doing contrary to what Grace teaches, you are despising God’s grace. The Grace of God teaches us to live righteously and godly. Therefore, whenever you begin to live the opposite of what the grace of God teaches us, then you are definitely despising God’s grace. It is so painful to see how some believers are living their lives (both secretly and publicly) today. When people call you man or woman of God but your actions, the way you talk, the way you dress is contrary to what Grace teaches, then you are despising the Grace of God, and you are putting heaven to shame, because your life doesn’t agree with the grace God has placed upon you.

We need to be careful about the kind of life we are living as a child or minister of God.

6) To refuse Grace:

Ref: Matt. 25v24-25, When God give you grace or ability for something and you know it, and you refuse to use that grace or ability, that is despising God’s grace. There is a great judgement for doing such act, it is better for God not to give you grace at all than after He gives it to you, you now refuse to use it. My point is that when God gives you a gift and you know that you have that gift, What have you been doing with it?, Are you using it or you refuse to use it? May the Lord help you.

To be continued.


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