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When you despise God’s grace, What are the things that are likely going to happen to you?


Ref: John 15V1-5, God takes away branches that don’t bear fruits. If you are in God and you are not bearing fruits you are at the danger of being taken away from the flow of God’s grace. The branches draw nutrients from the body of the tree, so if your branch is not bearing fruit, it is at the danger of being cut off. It is not only important to abide in Him, it is also important to bear fruit.

Some people would say “I just want to make heaven; I will try to live the holy life and make sure I make heaven”—This is a lack of the knowledge of God’s grace. To bear fruits means that you are allowing Jesus to live His life through you and you are making a great impact, You are connected to Jesus, His life is flowing in you and now you are manifesting that Life and achieving great results as you live His life.

Some believers think winning souls into God’s Kingdom is equal to bearing fruits, but it is more than that and soul winning is just one of the many ways we bear fruits. If you do not allow the grace of God to find expression in you and through you, you cannot bear fruits and you are at the danger of being cut off from Jesus. And this implies that you are at the danger of not making heaven. Whatever you have learnt from God, you must practice it. Everything God is doing in your life; you must embrace it, agree with it and cooperate with the grace of God.

Another verse, ref Romans 6v1-2. When you continue in sin, the grace of God will start going down. God gives you Grace to overcome sin but you are taking the grace for granted, you now deliberately sin against God, So, at this point, the grace of God will start going down in your life because you have become the enemy of God and why will God helps his enemy?

2) THERE WILL BE TOO MUCH MISTAKES: You will multiply errors and failures when you despise the grace of God, you will make so many mistakes and errors, and there will be so many failures in your carrier and ministry, Why?, because God has not established perfection in the flesh, absolute perfection is in the Spirit. When you trust in the arm and strength of the flesh, you will fail. But when you trust in the Spirit of God, you will be perfect; it will look as if you are the most perfect person on the earth whereas you are not. It is because you have surrendered everything to the Spirit of God. We must be careful to depend on God’s grace and not despise God’s grace.

3) YOU WILL BE LEFT ALONE: You will be left alone when you despise God’s grace. If you don’t call on God for help, He won’t do anything, He will just be watching. I have seen many Christians having so much problems that they would have avoided by trusting in God’s grace. It is after passing through so much difficulties that they will remember that there is grace of God and now start praying. And sometimes it is already too late and some of them will lose their lives, or their loved ones. They neglected God’s grace and help, they thought their money, strength, relations, and connections can help them.

It is when they ended in troubles that they remembered there is God. Let us be lovers of God. Let us be people that are looking for God’s help. Even if it looks like you are alone, trust in the Lord. Bible said those who trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame. Young lions will go hungry but those that trust the Lord will have bread to eat and they will not lack anything because they trust in the Lord. So, you must learn to always depend on God, and He will not leave you alone. There are some people God cannot leave alone because If God does so they will die. Those people have walked with God to the point that without God’s help they will die. Therefore, God committed Himself to always help them otherwise they will run into troubles. Are you living the life that show God that you absolute depend on him? Or you still have some reservation to rely on?

4) YOU WILL MISS DIVINE VISITATION: Ref: Luke 19v43-44, this Bible passage shows how Jesus looked at and lamented on Jerusalem. He lamented because those people were not sensitive to the time of their visitation. When they should embrace the Messiah, they rejected and even killed the Messiah. So, they despised God’s grace and Jesus at that time was the Grace of God personified but they were blinded and couldn’t recognize that he was the Messiah and that was how they missed the time of their visitation. Even now, many Christians are missing the hour of their divine visitation because of despising the grace of God. Some people feel it is not necessary to attend prayer programmes, They take spiritual things casually, and that was how they missed their day of visitation. Some people’s day of divine visitation or miracle is the day they didn’t go to church or the day they didn’t pray fervently.

We need to be very careful because the day of your visitation might be the day you are not in the Spirit.



Ref: Deut 28V15-16, God is good all the time, but He is not good to everyone all the time. There are some people that are under the curse of God because they despised God’s grace. I looked at the current generation and see that there are people who are so prophetic, hears from God, could prophesy, see visions but I noticed that these are the same people that offends God a lot, i.e. God has revealed many things to them but they are the same that are doing contrary to what God has revealed to them. The church is so prophetic and as prophetic as the church is, we have become so disobedient to God. The will of God have been revealed to us and we are doing against the will of God and not only that, we continually enjoy disobeying God until it becomes irresistible habit in us to sin against God.

Just as prophesying became an habit, sin also became an habit. Just as praying and fasting became our habit, disobeying God also became our habit. We are a generation that has been cursed due to despising of God’s grace.

This is a generation suffering under the anger of God, that is why you would see young Christians of forty-five years of age dying from terrible diseases without cure. God has already judged many of us. We are the same people that are hearing from God, having encounters with angels, have received of the Glory of God, have tasted His powers and yet we are despising God’s grace. We are cursed already because we have tasted His power and grace, and are still disobeying Him. We must be very careful in these last days because this is the most dangerous dispensation ever. God could be angry with you and still be blessing you—That is very dangerous. In the old testament, when you sin, you die but in these days, God will be so angry with you and yet would appear to be smiling at you, you would still be praying in tongues, working miracles, meanwhile you are cursed and already judged. This is why there are millions of Christians in hell fire. I would prefer that whenever I have wronged God, that He should beat me, and I come back to my senses and start pleasing God. But God don’t do much of that in this dispensation. He wants to know those who really love Him and He is taking His time to watch how many people would choose light and reject darkness

To be continued.


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