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Opening Prayer
Praise the Lord, hallelujah, Father we thank you for your grace that is sufficient for us, we thank you for the blessings we have received from you, thank you for helping us in those times we needed your help. Thank you for your power that sustained us, thank you Lord for leading us on the right paths, thank you for revelations of your will, the revelation of your mind, the revelation of your nature and revelation of your truth you have shown us, thank you Father, Be glorified forever in Jesus name. We thank you for the teaching you have caused us to hear and learn since when we started this bible study class. Thank you Father because you have caused us to grow in the knowledge of You and by application of the things you have taught us, we have seen a great result, thank you Lord, be praised forever in Jesus name. Lord I’m asking that as we look once again into your words, the Scripture, let everyone be blessed in Jesus name. Father, let us see more of the light you are shining upon us at this time, I ask oh God that by your Spirit, let the eyes of our understanding be enlightened and let us be able to comprehend all that you will want us to know at this time. Thank you, father, because we know you have answered, in Jesus name we have prayed, Amen.

I welcome every one of you to the bible study class and if you have not forgotten, we have been teaching on the Wonders of God’s Grace, that is the topic we have been looking into.
The teaching was divided into three parts which are: Dimensions of God’s grace, Discovery and demonstration of God’s grace and the Dangers of despising God’s grace.

We are on the second part which is: Discovery and demonstration of God’s grace: I will talk more on DISCOVERY. It is to uncover something that is hidden, and you found it. When you have grace for something, you and people around you will know that you have grace to do this thing.

Grace is more real in the practical aspect of Christianity, it is not faith where you believe in something you don’t see. When you have grace, you have it and it is not hidden. I would be talking about things that you can seek and find. This part 2 of the teaching is to show you how to obtain all the dimensions of the grace that was mention under the topic Dimensions of God’s Grace.

Here you will see how bible connected Grace and truth together. In verse 17 we see there is a great connection between Grace and truth. Meaning that to find the truth, is to find grace i.e. The truth always prevails and anything that is truth will prevail no matter how long it takes, as long as it is the truth it will prevail. I said it earlier that the reason why our faith produce miracle is that it is based on the truth, so it is not only in Christianity that people have faith, even in Buddhism, in satanism, they have faith too. Even the demons also have faith, though theirs is based on lies and by it they still get results. This is to tell you that what makes our faith different from the others is the fact that our faith is based on the truth and the truth always win.

There some people that don’t believe in Jesus nor the Kingdom of God and they couldn’t receive Jesus before they died but after they died, it was so real to them that this Jesus they failed to believe is real and that anyone that doesn’t have Jesus cannot enter into the Kingdom of God, so these people ended up in hell because they rejected the message of the Gospel that was preached or sent to them for the salvation of their souls. So, the truth they have rejected was waiting for them after death. To say that the truth is the truth whether you believe it or not. The truth that comes from God, every truth revealed by the word of God, or revealed by the Holy Spirit is truth whether you believe it or not. We are doing ourselves good by believing the truth. Your refusal to believe the truth doesn’t change the truth, so if the word of God said that there is healing for you in Christ Jesus, that you should just ask for it; that word is true; and the fact that you pray for healing and it doesn’t happen doesn’t means that there is no healing in Jesus. If we believe in the truth, and continue believing it without ceasing, it will surely prevail in our lives.

What do I mean by saying: to find the truth is to find grace? It is because when you find the truth, and you believe it, and you agree with it, and you obey it, and you practice it, then grace will begin to manifest in your life and you will start walking in grace and start seeing the wonders of grace. There are many miracles that happened to me through revelations and it was almost immediately I got the revelations that the miracles happened. The same does happen to many Christians and ministers of God, once their eyes were opened to something, they got miracles and transformation immediately. Though they had been reading it in the scriptures and it is not yet visited them as revelations; so you can have something as head knowledge but until you receive the revelation about it you might not yet get miracles that lines up with those revelations. I have received many revelations from the Lord and they are Truth, So, another word for revelation is Truth. Whenever we receive the truth either by the Holy Spirit or by studying the word of God, or in dreams or vision or it was impressed on your heart, and then you believe it, usually the next thing is signs and wonders because God is not a failure. Before God will do things something will move Him to do it. Even if in your life God did something and you felt that there was nothing that make Him do it, you are wrong because someone somewhere might have prayed for the miracle that happen in your life so easily. So, there is nothing God is doing on earth without purpose, something moved him to do them and many of those things that moved God to do miracles are Truth. We need to see into the truth that holds God together—God has humbled himself and God has put himself under the bondage of His own standards, that is why the bible said that God has raised up his word above His name, meaning that if we don’t come up to the level of those standards of God (which are truths), we might not witness the power of God. These are the rules that will move God into actions. So, when God was expecting you to show Him faith and that was the time you were afraid and doubting, He will not do anything for you. That is why we need to seek revelations from God and when it happens then we must believe according to what He has revealed and this is how miracles happen.


Obey and do the truth, obey the word of God completely. You will never find grace through partial obedience but COMPLETE OBEDIENCE. Don’t miss anything that you must do to see the move of God, otherwise the grace that you are expecting from God might not be revealed. In the Kingdom of God, completeness is so important in the things that God demands from you, such as: love of God, fear of God, sacrificial givings, holiness, paying tithes, purity, so look at yourself and look at those things you have not done yet. It is possible that your miracles and progress is connected to those things you have not yet done. Not those you are doing but those you are not doing. God is asking for complete obedience.

God is very high in judgement, meaning that there are things God may not give you until you have attained complete obedience. Ask yourself is there anything incomplete in me? Are you completely dead to flesh?
Hebrews 10 v 36, there is a place of patience after you have done the will of God and there is a place of receiving the promise but if you remove “after you have done the will of God” and you are only waiting patiently for his promises, you might not receive it because you didn’t obey the full scripture. Let us be complete in the will of God. I’m praying for you that in those area you have not complete the will of God may the hand of God bring you into the completeness of His will in Jesus name, Amen!


Until you do your own part God may not do his own part, otherwise you might be seriously disappointed. If God is telling you that He wants to use you to heal people, then go to the hospital and pray for sick people, don’t cross your arm and stay home waiting for God to use you like that, it is not going to work. So you must do your own part first. Until you have love and passion to save souls and you let that passion move you to go outside to evangelize to people, you will won’t be able to save a single soul. Whatever I’m doing in ministry today is my own part of the assignment, like praying, teaching, preaching and God is faithful to do the other part which is to heal, deliver and save, which is his own part. ref: Exodus 25v8-9, that is where God gave Moses instructions. God wants to dwell among his people, then He gave them an assignment and told him to do it according to the pattern he showed Moses when he was with God on the mountain. Exodus 40v33-34—Moses followed the instructions as it was showed him by God, He did exactly the pattern as it was shown him and in v34 the Glory of God appeared visibly. So, if we want to see the glory of God which is also included in the grace of God, then we must do our own part of divine assignment as it is in heaven, as God want it to be done, do your own part as it should be done. If God has called you into the ministry and gave you an assignment to do for him, number one do your own part; number 2 are you doing it the way it should be done? Because Moses did it exactly as it was revealed to him. I discovered that many of the things that we do in church today, many of them are good but they are not as it should be done and when I stand in the midst or in front of congregation and see the way we worship and do praises, dancing, and prayers, I used to feel sorrowful in myself and my thoughts were, how I wish we do these things the way it should be done, we would have seen a great glory from heaven. Even if giving doesn’t follow the pattern it should follow, we won’t see the Glory for it. In teaching, praying, preaching, singing, in everything we do there is a pattern for them. Do it exactly as it is in heaven, Jesus said I do what I see my Father do, that is the secret of revival and the foundation of true revival which is to do what you see God do. If you have a ministry, know that it has been designed in heaven, and that ministry has started and succeeded, completed and concluded in the plan of God before you were born. It means that you need to look up to heaven to see how that ministry looks like, how is it done in heaven so that you can follow the pattern. Until you agree with what God is doing in heaven, you might not be able to see Glory Manifestation that would bring revival. It is not by jumping, clapping in carnal and casual way…Revival is doing things in alignment with what and how it is done in heaven; that is revival.

I am usually very careful in what I’m doing in the church even if it is good because I don’t want to be disconnected from what they are doing in heaven. We must train people, preach the gospel and do every good things AS IT IS in heaven that is how we will see the glory that follow those things.


I read one of the books of Kenneth Haggin that he wrote on tongues saying that there are tongues of Holy Ghost that commands great results; and there are tongues that will leads you to high tongues. He said sometimes when he starts praying in tongues that he can do it for the next two to three hours with discipline, this time, flesh is still not yet fully subdued by the Spirit, when he gets tired in the flesh while praying in tongues, he said he would still continue in faith praying until he gets a point where it will no longer be him anymore and he will now get lost into another realm of tongues that is so powerful and that one will continue until next 3 or 4 hours without knowing it. It means that you cannot enter into a Grace without discipline. Being able to pray for long hours is a Grace that you cannot enter without discipline. You must pay the price of spiritual discipline, sometimes if God is going to give you something, he will hide inside pains such as you will not be able to take the glory for whatever will happen through that grace in your life. He will make you come to the point where you say “I won’t stop kneeling down, I won’t stop praying until God help me”, It is when it reaches the point where your own strength is completely exhausted, it is at that exact point that Grace will appear to you.

Whatever that will make your own strength exhausted while seeking for God’s grace, go and do that thing. Lock the door on yourself and say today I will find grace for prayers, if you get tired after 30 minutes of prayers and don’t know what to pray, start singing, worship. And you persist by saying I’m not going to leave here until heaven come down. When you continue without stopping, you will reach a climax of exhaustion of your own strength and this is when Grace will visit you and you can now stay in that room for the next 12 or 13 hours without knowing it because you are out of flesh and you are no longer in this world, for you are lost in the realm of Spirit. If you know a man of God who could pray for long hours, and you approach him to ask how he could do that, If the man of God is going to be sincere with you, he will tell you that it is not with his own strength, but by grace and he will tell you how he did it and enter the realm of Grace. Apostle Paul was talking about maturity, he said it is people who have trained themselves and their senses to discern what is good from what is evil, so having a discerning spirit has to do with training to see in the realm of the spirit. You don’t just see, discern or understand the mysteries, It is not easy if you are not trained, the revelations will be standing in front of you and you would see nothing and hear nothing because you are not transformed or trained to access that realm. That is why I said it is not easy, even for me to tell you in details what God reveals to me, it is because I have been trained and transformed to access that realm. God can reveal something to you and if you are not well trained and transformed, you won’t access more than 2 or 5% of the revelation or that encounter but you can access upto 90 or 95% of the encounter if you have been trained and transformed prior to that time through prayers, fastings, meditations, etc. It is not enough that Holy Ghost came down but the percentage of the revelations you could access in each encounter and visitation from God matters the most. I’m going to stop here.

Closing Prayer:

Father we thank you for what you have revealed to us in this teaching, thank you for showing us how to access grace that are already available for us, for the strength to be able to become like you but no one will become exactly like you but you are make it possible by giving us the strength to attain that level where you are. Thank you Lord for this privilege. Oh God be praised and glorified forever in Jesus name. Lord I ask for whoever that has partook of this teaching, I asked that you bless them with grace in Jesus name, show them the paths that leads to grace and it manifestations thank you Lord because we know you have answered in Jesus name we have prayed Amen! The Lord bless you!! Amen!!


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