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Opening Prayer

Father we thank you for your love, we thank you for your grace that is sufficient for us, thank you for your mercy, and kindness, thank you for your presence in our lives, thank you for making all things work together for our good, thank you Lord for victories you have given to us over the works of the devil, thank you for revealing your mind to us in all situations and circumstances, thank you Father. We thank you Lord for the grace to know you, we thank you for the grace to receive revelations from you, even the grace to learn your ways and to agree with your standard, thank you Father, be praised forever in Jesus mighty name, Lord we thank you for how you have been working with us since we started this Bible Study classes, you have been working with us for understanding, for enlightenment and you have been working inside of us for transformation so that we can be the Christian you want us to be. Thank you Father, Be thou glorified in Jesus name. Lord I ask once again that as we continue this teaching class, bring understanding upon everyone that will be hearing my voice right now, let this teaching make us into the person you want us to be. Through this teaching, provide revival in our souls, thank you Father because I know you have answered. Blessed be your holy name, in Jesus name we have prayed, Amen.

I welcome every one of you to the Bible Study class, and you are all aware of the topic we have been dealing with, which is the WONDERS OF GOD’s GRACE and we have talked on the dimensions of God’s Grace. Now we are currently looking at Discovery and demonstration of God’s grace which I would be done with today. Then during the next class, I will be talking on the demonstration of God’s Grace.
Let us move to the next points on how to discover God’s grace?:


You will find God’s grace by preaching and teaching Ref: Acts chapter 2. When the disciples were asking Jesus about what would become of Israel; they were asking “When are you going to restore back the government to Israel?”, At that time, the Roman government already colonized the nation of Israel and was oppressing them, But Jesus didn’t answer that question, what Jesus said in Acts of Apostles 1v6-7 It is not for you to know the time. They were asking him on some kind of political revolution, some kind of governmental political restoration and he told them that is not their business. I’m not calling you for government revolution but I’ve called you for just one thing and he mentioned that in verse 8 that “you shall be My witnesses”, So, God has called us to witness, to preach the gospel, it is in doing that we shall find grace. He said, ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me. Therefore, Why are we being given power? Or Why was the Holy Ghost sent upon Christians, upon pastors, preachers, and ministers?, Why?—The reason is so that we can be witnesses of God’s kingdom, proclaim God’s kingdom, so that we can testify and share the message of truth and preach the gospel to the whole world: This is the primary reason why God sent down the Holy Ghost and we can testify Jesus to the whole world. It is in doing this assignment that we shall see the Grace of God in action. Remember that I said when the grace of God is in action, it manifests physically such that you and everyone will see it. For instance, when Elijah was running alongside with the king in his chariot and a chariot in those days can be likened to a Jeep (a car) on the highway and the king was on the chariot running, because a heavy rain was going to fall and Elijah was on his feet running and the Bible said that the Spirit came upon Elijah and he outran the king and the chariot: that is the grace of God. Elijah in human nature and strength cannot do that. That is an example of God’s grace in action.

What I’m saying is that when the grace of God manifests, everyone will see and will agree including the scientists that don’t believe that God exist. When grace is at work every man will agree that this is not man but God in action. You must go out and preach the Gospel, otherwise you might not be able to know what God can do. You might not be able to know what God can do inside of you, through you and standing alongside of you. You need to go out there to teach and preach the Gospel; You don’t teach what people wants to hear but the truth God want them to know and hear even those things they don’t want to hear, open your mouth and start talking the truth of God’s kingdom, and before you know it, you will see power manifest, even if you don’t see any change at that time, you will be surprised by the time you checked on the the same people you spoke with earlier, they will tell you something happened to them when you ministered to them. If you just sit down at home not teaching, not preaching, not sharing the word of truth, you might not see Grace work in your life and ministry. Ref: Mark 16v20 says the Lord working with them, but they didn’t see the Lord working with them until they went forth and preach everywhere. So, Do you want to see the blind eyes opened? Go out and preach the Gospel. Do you want to see mighty miracles happen? Go out and preach the Gospel and make sure you preach the truth; not what the people wants to hear but what God wants them to hear. So if you dedicate your life and entire spiritual gifts you believe God has given to you to preaching and teaching the truth, I’m telling you, you will see miracles happen effortlessly; you won’t struggle to see miracles happen in your ministry because everyone of us are called to preach the Gospel and peaching is a ministry. You don’t have to be a pastor, apostle, evangelist, prophet to see miracles happen as you preach. This is what I have tested and proved to be true. this is what is said in verse 20 of Mark 16. When you go out there to preach, the Lord will show up because you don’t go out in your name but in His name; he is the One that sent you, so you show up to preach the word and God will CONFIRM that the word is true by making signs and wonders happen in the lives of people or the listeners or the audience. This is the major reason why we see miracles happen in this ministry, it is not because I know how to fast or how to pray. It is really because I’m standing for the truth, and I’m preaching and teaching the truth. I’m not holding back or hiding some part of the truth, everything that is truth in the Kingdom of God as much He revealed it to me, I tell the truth. Every Christian are called to preach and teach the truth, you don’t have to be part of the fivefold ministers to preach or teach the full Gospel of Jesus Christ. I dislike the spirit that makes some people feel like they have graduated in evangelism, this spirit make you feel like you have done enough of evangelism, that is, “I have been preaching for many years now, I don’t need to do any more evangelism, so let us leave the work to the new comers”—You are deceived from the pit of hell. There is no one that have graduated in evangelism, it is until you die that you can stop doing that. If you have learnt something from God, go out there and teach it to people. You can even start from your family and friends, gather your children, siblings and neighbors together and teach them. You may not know the kind of grace God have given to you until you start preaching and teaching others, Amen!


This is also connected to teaching, preaching and soul winning. It is a door to find grace, it is a path through which you find grace. When I was going to start fulfilling God’s call upon my life, I remember the first assignment the Lord began to give me was intercession and it was through this spiritual exercise that I discovered many things about my life, calling and destiny. INTERCESSION means standing between heaven and earth begging God to save the people, souls and the earth, to cause revival, to stretch forth His hand to save, to heal, to deliver people from sin, witchcraft, demons, principalities and powers. So you are standing in the gap trying to receive God’s help and blessings for His people. And You are doing this with a heart full of love and compassion. With such a love that is so deep, meaning that you are not doing it because of personal gain. Intercession is for selfless persons; those that don’t care about themselves or their personal ambitions and the only thing they are looking for is “God will you please look upon my generation in your mercy?” their passion is “God would you please save my generation?”, “Would you please revive the nations and bring down your Kingdom in all the earth as it is in the heaven?”, These things drives the passion of the intercessors. I remember at that time, God would give me names of people I don’t know and God will tell me what is happening in their lives and ask me to pray that He deliver, save, and bless the person. As I gave myself to this intercession business, everything God has deposited into my life from the womb started showing up. The place of intercession led me to the place of anointing and power, divine revelations and encounters. Many things happened in my life not because I was called to experience them but because I did what would take me to those things, meaning that there are things you must do before you lay hold of the promises of God. I hope I don’t confuse you. What I’m saying is that it was until I began to intercede seriously and forget about myself, praying and fasting for people, souls and revival, that every other things God have already given to me that have not yet manifested started coming into manifestation, like abilities to see angels and talk to them and many more. I believe all those things were there in my life but waiting for me to carry out the spiritual exercise (intercessions) before they will manifest. This assignment called intercession is one of those that will speed up your spiritual growth and the manifestation of your calling. Every Christian must do this.


There are Gates of heaven on earth, if you can find and visit those places and begin to pray in those locations you will discover grace. I know some of you might be thinking “can you tell us those places so that we can go and pray there and find God?”, Sometimes, the Spirit of the Lord has sent some people to some prayer grounds, some prayer mountains, some spiritual environments and the Spirit told them to go to that place and pray. There are gates of heaven on earth. We have a place in the scripture that confirm it: Ref. Genesis28v17 This is Jacob on his journey, he arrived in a place lay down his head to rest and he saw a vision or a dream. In that dream, he saw a ladder linking the earth and heaven together. The ladder was so long as it could reach earth from heaven. He saw angels ascending and descending on the ladder, he was afraid and was able to speak by the Spirit of the Lord that this place is the gate of heaven. So, that means there are some places on earth that God has set apart for himself. I will give you some example on how to discover this kind of places. You may have such places in your country and you don’t know.
(i) If there is any place or environment where prayers are going on continually, where people are always praying, it is possible that such place is a gate of heaven, meaning that, you can find God if you go there. The reason is that every time people pray on earth, the angels come to gather their prayers and take it to heaven. If Angels always come into a location, then gradually that location becomes relevant to heaven, and becomes A PORTAL through which people can access heaven.
(ii) Places of covenant: There are places of covenant pioneered by some men of God (some may have died), this was where they received covenant from God, meaning that God visited them at that spot when He called them into ministry and that spot became a gate of heaven. You can look for the mountain of Elijah; if you are able to visit Mount Carmel, then there must be a gate of heaven there. The place where Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James and John, they saw him in a glorious form and they saw Moses and Elijah; that place also must be a gate of heaven; The place where Jesus resurrected, that spot, the tomb of Jesus must be also a gate of heaven. We have places of covenant in many countries where God has raised up mighty men and they have places where God called them and made covenants with them. We have some of them in Nigeria, they are called prayer mountains, though some of them are now corrupted with false prophets and demons because people have deviated from the standard of the Bible and now do all manner of demonic practices there but some are still not corrupted.
(iii) To trust the Holy Spirit to lead you: You can pray that the Holy Spirit lead you to where to go to pray to have more divine encounters and the Holy Spirit will lead you. Sometimes, the environment of your house is not enough to find grace, to have encounters, or to find God, You have to leave your room, your comfort, your house and go to a certain place where God have been there waiting for you. Some churches are gates of heaven, meaning that anytime you go there to pray, God is already there because the place is gate of heaven.
Now let us move back to how to discover God’s grace


Make sure that you don’t lose faith. Persistent faith usually leads to persistent prayer. When you don’t lose faith concerning a matter, that leads you to persistent prayer about that situation and if you don’t stop praying because you can’t stop believing and trusting God for His visitation in that situation, then God will surely visit or show up. Don’t be the kind of Christian that has to be motivated before you have faith in God. I don’t like to have to motivate people before they believe in God. If you are really a child of God, don’t wait for preacher to motivate you to have faith in God. If you always wait to be motivated, then you are close to fail in faith. It is wrong to motivate you all the time to have faith in God; you must be a Christian that refuse to take no for an answer and then you will see mighty things happen in your life. You must always encourage yourself and keep your faith alive because trials, tribulations, persecution, temptations will come. You must always encourage yourself with the word of God and say I will not lose faith, I will not be depressed, I will not fall in temptations, and begin to throw away everything that will lead you there. That is how you will discover the abilities of God for real. And you will see the hand of God working mightily in your life. I pray that at this time when many Christians are falling away from the faith, that you will not be part of those that are falling away in the name of Jesus!!!! Amen.


This is how you will find grace. I believe that many of you are conversant with praying in the Spirit, but it is wrong to “pray in the Spirit” when the Spirit is not the One in charge. There are some people who believe they have the gift to pray in the Spirit and feels that they are in charge because they can just open their mouth and pray anyhow and anytime, without the Spirit leading them or prompting that flow. If you feel you can pray like that you will not find grace. This is what I‘m saying, when people spoke in tongues in the Bible; the Bible said that they spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterances. The Bible said that they spoke in tongues as the Spirit enabled them. If the Spirit doesn’t give you utterances and you just open your mouth and start speaking without the prompting, you will not find grace. I know that there is a part of praying in the Spirit that has to do with faith but that one cannot continue for so long, it is just to trigger your spirit. There is another part where you keep quiet and you speak only as the Spirit stirs up your spirit to speak, that is how I pray. I don’t just pray outside of the Spirit but as the Spirit leads me.

The prayer ministry of the Holy Spirit is far beyond speaking in tongues. So, when the Holy Spirit is in charge, He is going to lead you to pray in tongues and to pray the right kind of prayer and also leads you into scripture to use in prayer. Sometimes, He will show you how to pray certain prayers and the position to assume while praying. So, praying in the Spirit is not just to pray in tongues, It involves praying with your normal language while under the influence and control of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, anytime you want to pray, just invite the Holy Spirit to come and be in charge.


When people say no, when situations say no, Christian must not agree to that. You must not take no for no; unless God says no. When doctors have said no, then you refuse to accept no for answer, even when you fall into sins, refuse to agree that the sin is stronger than you. That is how you find Grace. It is wrong to say “Well, I think that this thing is stronger than me, I cannot overcome it, I have to continue to manage this condition like that, it seems that I cannot defeat it”—that is very wrong. You cannot find grace and victory with that kind of mentality. You must refuse, I mean 100% refusal of weaknesses and failures. The fact that you fall 20 times doesn’t mean that you cannot rise again. Even you are falling 200 times doesn’t mean that you cannot rise or succeed again. So, grace will appear to people that refused to fall and refused to agree with weaknesses and failures. Ref: Hebrews11v33—These were giants of faith that have been described in this passage, through faith these people subdued kingdoms, they brought down terrible kingdoms that no one was able to fight and win, kingdoms that have been prevailing for some many years and very few of them fought those kingdoms and brought them down. We have several account of this in scriptures. These men refused to agree with failures, the fact that there is a prevailing problem in your family and no one overcame the problem doesn’t mean that you cannot overcome the problem. If there is evil trend in your family, country, nation or environment and that evil is prevailing upon everyone, Why should you agree that the evil can prevail over your life?, Why should you surrender to that evil?, Even if you have been defeated, you still have to refuse failures and weaknesses. Even if you were defeated ten times but you still determine and say “no my God is greater than this, I will not agree with this”, it is at this point that Grace will show up. That was how those people subdued kingdoms, that was how they got what God promised them many years before that time. That was how they stopped the mouth of lions through faith, they refused to agree with failures and weaknesses.

Joshua and Caleb said we are able to fight these giants when other people were scared and nobody wants to fight that country because giants were the warriors in that country. But these two men said “we will fight and win them, let’s go immediately and fight”. And God was so pleased with that kind of faith. So, What kind of faith do you have?, Maybe you are the one limiting your destiny because of the kind faith you have in God. I want you to disagree with weaknesses and failures from now henceforth.


You will find grace by fellowshipping and praying with believers that have already obtained grace; believers that have so much grace upon them. You should fellowship with those believers, pray with them and then the impartation will happen. For instance, you look at a Christian that have the type of Grace that is missing in your life, even if that Christian is so younger than you such that you can give birth to him or her, don’t look at age, open up yourself and have fellowship with that small girl or small boy till the grace upon his life start showing up on your life. The problem of many of us today is pride. There is no age in the Kingdom of God, we are the same, so put your pride aside and open up to the grace you are looking for. In the Kingdom of God, a twenty year old can be a spiritual father of a fifty year old. God doesn’t relate with us according to human age, He gives Grace to us base on reward. If a twenty year old pays the price to get a type of Grace, you must pay the price to get the same grace too. If you pay the price, you get the reward. If God has helped a young man to have many graces, humble yourself and go to pray with him, get advice and counsel from him to be impacted with the grace upon his life. By so doing God will look at the fact that you honor him in humility, then God will now take from the grace upon that man of God and pour upon you but if you feel too big, then nothing will happen to you.

Closing Prayer

Father we thank you for the words you have revealed to us at this time, thank you for showing us how to access the fullness of your Grace which is also the fullness of your glory, thank you Father, Be glorified forever in Jesus name. Lord I ask that as many that have heard and listened to this teaching that you deliver them from every error and mistakes they have been doing and have been disconnecting them from you in Jesus name. Let everyone start doing those thing that will lead them into graces. Thank you Father, in Jesus name, AMEN. The Lord bless you!! Amen!!


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