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Many of us have not known this new creature that we become in Christ Jesus, what you know and have always known is your SELF, FLESH, ADAMIC NATURE, and it is until you take flesh out of the way that this new creature will come alive

Some of you have not known true Joy, peace and happiness because you have not become this new creature. John G. Lake said something, he said “Christianity is not in doing but in being”, it is in what you become, Christianity without TRANSFORMATION is a failed Christianity. Our peace and joy don’t come from the flesh nor this world but from the Spirit

If you have always been the same person you were (in attitude, nature and character) before you met Christ up till today, then I can tell you that you are not yet born again

That you are going to church, you are pastor, you are gifted or anointed, you can sing worship songs and dance, you pay tithes and offerings, sow seeds, fast, pray with tongues etc doesn’t mean you are born again!

Being religious is not the same as being born again!

I thank God for delivering me, and I want everyone delivered too, it is wrong to have a Light and refuse to show it to those who are in darkness, it is wrong to have a truth that is so powerful to set souls and destinies free and yet keep quiet and not voice out the truth,…Believe me brethren, Until you die to yourself and this world, you cannot please God and it will be too difficult for you to enter into the Kingdom of God

Galatians 6:15 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

I was telling someone few days ago, I said many of the things we count to be so important here on earth are not seen with such importance in heaven, we have been so deceived in this generation! The Sister was then asking me, she said “What are the things heaven regard to be so important?”, I said, The issues of the SOULS OF MEN , Heaven is concerned about salvation of souls and discipleship of these souls, heaven is concerned about seeing people become born again so that they can enjoy the full benefits of God’s Kingdom here on earth and in the world to come

In conclusion, I want everyone of you to serve God, seek God and worship God with a right heart, we should ask ourselves this question, Why does God do miracles?, Why does God blesses us?, the answer is simple, He does miracles to show us that we can trust Him even for things greater than those miracles. Yes, He does miracles to show us that having Him in our lives is all that matters because every other thing we need shall come from Him (His hands will bring them). But why are we making a great mistake in this generation, why do we leave and forsake God and start running after the material things of this world…you might be saying “How can you say I forsake God, Am I not praying, fasting, going to church etc”, the Bible says that “these people draw nigh unto me with their mouths but their hearts is far from me”—You can be seeking God based on your own interests and not God’s interests, and if you seek God this way, there are many things God will never do for you

Isaiah 29:13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: 14 Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. 15 Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

There were many spiritual breakthroughs I couldn’t have until I took the flesh out of the way. Recently, the Lord said to me “defeating the flesh is defeating ancestral curses and covenants, witchcraft, Satanic kingdoms, spiritual wickedness in high places and the deepest darkness”, the Lord said what makes the enemy stronger than you is the flesh, therefore, taking down the flesh means taking down the most wicked enemies of your life and destiny.

Jesus said that Satan came and couldn’t find his properties in him, if there’s any of Satan’s properties in you, you can never defeat Satan no matter how anointed you are, yes, no matter how hard you fast and pray…Until the darkness inside you is gotten rid off, you cannot defeat the darkness on the outside attacking you!

John 14:30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

Devil will have power over you when he has something that belongs to him in you

So, if there’s anytime you must repent, die to flesh and this world and become a new creature, that time is NOW!

I will stop here, God bless you all.


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