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The Lord told me saying “There are people in your group who have been vaccinated, don’t let them feel insecure”, I said “Lord, What should I do?”, He said “preach against the vaccine as you would preach against sin, let those who have taken it know that they will be forgiven and healed if they repent and turn to Me but those who after knowing the danger of the vaccine still went ahead to take it might not survive and might not be healed”

Brethren, let us not put God to test, God already revealed to us from many sources the dark agenda behind the Covid vaccine, if you take it without regarding the warnings, by the time you start falling sick from the adverse reactions of the inoculation, God might not heal you

Matthew 4:7 Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

Some days ago, I was talking with the Lord, I said “Lord, if the vaccine is not the mark of the beast, Why is the Antichrist so bent on giving it to everyone?”, The Lord said “It is to reduce the world’s population with more focus on making people sterile (making people unable to produce children)”

After this revelation, I started doing a lot of researches on the Covid—19 vaccine, and all the results from my findings pointed toward what the Lord had previously revealed to me. I was so shocked to see such great wickedness that has been established in the political sector, health sector, food and drug sector and agriculture sector for many years with a strong determination to waste human lives. What is happening now has been in plan for more than 20 or 30 years ago

The most painful thing is how government of nations have sold out the lives of their citizens to death for money, they don’t care what happens to people’s health as long as they have received money from the billionaires behind this evil project. I even saw how the billionaire companies are planning to make more money through the virus and the vaccine, this is BLOOD MONEY. And in fact, this is not the first time they would invent viruses and vaccines to make money, kill people and enslave nations

What brought me to tears was the fact that Satan could be so strong in the earth to the point that he could get everyone to do what he wants including health care professionals and presidents of nations. These health personnels know the truth but they couldn’t stand for the truth because of fear of losing their jobs and licenses, and because of greed (they couldn’t reject the big money offered). I was surprised to see how Satan could turn the military and law enforcement officials against the people to achieve his plans

This is a sign that the Church has failed, what is happening now is not supposed to happen if the Church has remained in the position God placed her, we have been so distracted, we have embraced darkness and sins to the point where we even promote evil more than the unbelievers. If there had been more intercessions on our prayer altars, this evil wouldn’t have succeeded to this point. Our church leaders had been silenced with money from speaking the truth and that is why God is not showing them end time warning messages to deliver to the world (because God knows they won’t speak out even if He show them). This is not yet the time of the Antichrist reign, therefore, for an evil to command such global influence and control shows that the Church (you and I) have failed

Let me round off with this, You see, they are about to take everything from you, they are going to kick you out of your jobs, kick you out of church meetings and gatherings, stop you from going out to buy food, stop you from going to school, stop you from getting paid, stop you from traveling…etc if you don’t dance to their tunes—Is this not the time to fast and pray?! Why can’t you deny yourself of food now and fast?…How sure are you that you will continue to have food to eat if this demonic plan succeed fully?

Surely God is going to fight for us and deliver us but the earlier we start crying out to Him to intervene, the quicker this would end. If you feel unconcerned about this, believe me, soon, this policy would reach you where you are! You must wise up and stand up for the truth and righteousness!



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